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Maximizing Conversion in Your Business through The Implementation of Live Chat (Part I)

In the past, we used to have sales people to advertise our products.Thanks to technology, we now have an internet connection that enables businesses to advertise their products digitally. Thus, the website is created and starts being an essential tool so that business owners will not lose out on great opportunities to market their business. …

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#TechTalk 106: New Expectations of Millennial Customers

Saturday (17/03) Qiscus held a monthly event, TechTalk, with the theme “New Expectations of Millennial Customers”. Taking place in CO&CO Space, the event was attended by participants from various professional backgrounds. This TechTalk is the 106th event held by Qiscus. In this event, Rizal Rahman, Founder of and Distra Vantari, Founder  attended as …

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Chatbot Failed to Fulfill Customer’s Request: How Do We Respond?

Bots have emerged and transformed into a startling new phenomenon since Facebook launched it’s Messenger platform, which is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot.[1] After a year has passed, chatbots have now become viral and messaging apps equipped with chatbot functions have been on the rise. Nearly over 100,000 developers have dabbled with and …

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Kiwari X Telkom: Changing How Employees Connect and Communicate

Communication is a significant aspect of teamwork and healthy internal communication is critical for a good teamwork and  positive atmosphere in the workplace. In recent years the rise of internal communication apps has allowed companies to communicate directly with employees and monitor their level of engagement. You might be familiar with Slack, LINE, WhatsApp, or …

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How Halodoc Implemented Their Services to Simplify Healthcare Needs of More Than 1 Million Users

It is frustrating when our health fails, especially when it is sudden and ruins our daily functioning. On top of that, health issues are usually related to difficult access to good doctors and costly payment afterwards. Halodoc recognizes that health problems are unavoidable, hence they have recognized some potential pitfalls when it comes to health …

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