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2 Classroom Management Cheats For Teachers


The fact is, teachers are one of the most amazing people on this planet. The things that they have to juggle borders on superhuman levels. We have met teachers whose time and stress management skills supercedes even top performing CEOs.

Upon entering a class, a teacher has to be attuned to at least 30 young and energetic students. Most classes may have up to 40 students a class. One of the biggest problems for any teacher is meeting the individual needs of diverse learners.

Imagine, having to sustain interest from students who learn and understand quickly and at the same time ensure students who have difficulty understanding the subjects are able to keep up.

Our Vision

We want help teams create great legacies. In order to achieve this, qiscus is a room-based messaging system that allows you to manage and collaborate your on work better.

Pairing Teaching Strategy

One interesting use for qiscus in classrooms is pairing teaching strategy. 

As qiscus is a room-based messaging system, it is easy to set up participants and observers in each rooms allowing you to set up two teachers managing two classrooms at the same time. 


Essentially it is the same as how a teacher manages one classroom, but what happens when two teachers (one active & one passive respectively) manages two classrooms at the same time, it allows for load balancing. In cases, where one teacher is overwhelm, the other teacher is able to answer or assist in the management of classrooms.

Active learning

Some of your students who are more proactive can step up to help in the management of learning for everyone because qiscus is as simple as messaging. In other words, position themselves in an active learning role  naturally.


These arrangement has been beneficial for classrooms with students age between 13-19 years of age and in higher levels learning as well.

If you’re interested to implement this environment for your classroom, we would be happy to set it up for you.

Let us know if these strategies are useful for you by pinging us @qiscus on Twitter or simply emailing me at [email protected]



qiscus - group messaging tool for teams working remotely.

Why are we doing this?

qiscus is the future of work communications. In order for us to accomplish the future of helping teams create great legacies, we believe in giving back to our community and helping our young discover their talents and potential.


qiscus is designed for teams, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project collaboration tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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