qiscus Hack Tip: How To Prevent a Resume Avalanche With Evernote

The search for talent is crazy and always in high demand.  Being a small company we try to utilize all the major channels for sourcing applicants, but run into one major problem.  The amount of email notifications and resumes sent from these sites (jobcentral, linkedin, jobstreet, monster and so on) get a bit crazy.   …

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Hey Guys,

The is our second Podcast. Today we talk about quick tips and hacks on How Evernote can help you hire faster via emailing your notes.


Jon & Amin

Blog Post – “qiscus Hack Tip: How To Prevent a Resume Avalanche With Evernote” https://buff.ly/1fg6tgs

Check out our first qisc.us podcast episode! We cover topics on: What we wish we learn in College/University, What to expect post graduation when job hunting and more!

If you are looking for some of the learning resources we talked about check out the link here.


Teams That Flow: Why we work better in teams

Great video by Nokia on teamwork and collaboration.  Check out their ebook and slidedeck here.

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