TECHVENTURE here we come!

qiscus First Exhibition Exposure! Firstly, a quick shoutout to Jeffrey Paine from Golden Gate Ventures for giving us the opportunity to showcase qiscus for the very first time! Techventure is the region’s premier platform for technology innovation and enterprise. It offers an opportunity for startups, venture capitalists, corporate ventures, private equity and angel investors to network, …

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Physical meetings require proper scheduling and availability hunting. This results in spending incredible amount of resources just to keep everyone in sync. 

Meetings are also the corporate’s paradox. The more meetings  you have, the busier you appear to be. 

Why then, would you want to reduce the amount of meetings; even if it’s unproductive?


Reduce or eliminate meetings.

qiscus is a perfect system to keep your team in sync without meetings. With it’s proprietary topics structure & passive notifications, you gain the ability to be aware of your teams or projects at real-time and synchronously.

qiscus helps you  to focus on things that really matter. 

Qiscus SDN BHD & PT is coming to KL & Jakarta!

Hello Jakarta! Currently as you might have known, we’re based in Jogjakarta & Singapore.  However, in Indonesia, to have an impactful presence, you’ve got to be in Jakarta. Especially with the election of Indonesia’s President Jokowi Widodo, we’re very excited and hopeful that this will be the dawn of a new and unprecedented era for Indonesia! …

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Coming soon: qiscus Video Conference!

A truly unified communications solution With qiscus, all your messages, emails, files, links, video/voice call can be unified into a single and secure system.  Topics = Threads qiscus simplified structure looks similar to platforms that you’re familiar with like Blackberry messaging or Whatsapp. But qiscus is designed with topics, allowing you to have threaded like …

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That’s a record: 145 shares!

We recently got covered by TechinAsia Indonesia. But what’s more exciting is the number of shares the article has gotten.  Thanks for the love all! <3 <3 If you’ve not read it, please do. If you do not understand Bahasa Indonesia, do use Chrome to translate. Don’t forget to share by clicking on the social …

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