Who’s able to guess what’s the latest qiscus update here?

The Beekeepers and Their Bees

Why setting and incentivising good goals is important for your company (This excerpt was quoted from A Handbook for Measuring Employee Performance.) Click here to participate in the Performance Productivity Research Once upon a time, there were two beekeepers who each had a beehive. The beekeepers worked for a company called Bees, Inc. The company’ …

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qiscus feature updates!

Hey Everyone, We are excited to announce some new updates on qiscus.  🙂 1. Video calling is now available for premium users. All you need to do is click the user icon at the bottom right to activate a call. This is just a quick snippet with Evan (CTO) of qiscus and myself messing around …

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The Problem with Email

Email was invented in the 1970’s by and for researchers and university professors. Although email adoption has grown by orders of magnitude since then, it is essentially the same system that it was 30 years ago. As a system, email is similar to US postal delivery. It is a general delivery mechanism for anyone to …

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Why you should spend time onboarding developers

“Setting expectations isn’t the same as educating expectations” When working in the client service industry finding talent for new projects can be tough.  We take on projects and sometimes need to hire new talents as the in-house team is at capacity.  One of the “critical” functions for the projects to be successful before it starts …

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What’s the future of instant messaging?

A new perspective? I think we should look beyond complex tools to add on to instant messaging to achieve a fundamental perspective of the future of messaging. In fact, there is something about messaging that’s fundamentally broken but it can be fixed by rethinking what it means to message. A message is a very quick …

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Hellooo New Office!

It’s quite nice to have a place to call our own. It’s very cosy at a nice little corner.

Here’s the spot:
SINGAPORE (139951)

Of course, we’re still based in Scape Hubquarters
2 Orchard Link #04-01
Singapore (237978)

So lunch, goreng pisang (banana fritters) or dinner anyone feel free to hit us up!

The best activity for team bonding: Paintball!

One of the main fundamental principle of designing qiscus is to facilitate communication for teams who are operating remotely from each other. And because of qiscus, we’ve been able to work with each other very well even though we are 2000km apart. In qiscus, it’s almost as though we are working in the same building, …

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