Bandung Keren Banget Si!

Keren : Cool | Banget : Very Last Thursday, on our way to Jogjakarta from Jakarta, we made a detour to Bandung Techno Park for a Ngorbit! Ngobrol : Loosely defined, it means to have a light chat or discussion about with a group of people Bit: Bytes Ngobrol + bit = Ngorbit (at least that’s what …

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Hello Blk 71!

We’re moving in with TNF ventures! We found out from Ben Chew, founder of Startup Jobs, that TNF Ventures had some space to lease. Checked it out, fell in love and yeaps, we signed a deal to move into TNF Ventures. It’s very cosy and more importantly very affordable for us (#savemoney). Here’s a first …

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Paintball in Indonesia. Def exceeded my expectations. I had a blast with the team. at Spartan paintball – View on Path.

Qiscus paintball!

What happens when you get a crazy bunch of people and you give them guns?

Keep pushing; one user at a time…
Persistence pays!

Not for fame,
Nor for fortune.

But the chance to change the world,
and the chance to repay those who got our backs in our faithful jump.

At qiscus, we help teams build great legacies.

Techstar Application Question

Techstar: Why should we choose your company? qiscus: When you have a great team, great products follows suit. But how can you make a profound product with that great team? Techstar: How exactly? qiscus: Put the team in situations where they are forced to come up with profound solutions to solve their own problems. Techstar: …

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4 Tips For Managing Expectations Across Remote Teams.

We work with a lot of companies whose workforce is remote. A recurring problem I hear regularly is that the manager or marketing team will convey a task or project to a developer with the plans in place, but the execution is done incorrectly or not to the exact specification needed.  Communicating Requirements Across Remote …

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2 Classroom Management Cheats For Teachers

The fact is, teachers are one of the most amazing people on this planet. The things that they have to juggle borders on superhuman levels. We have met teachers whose time and stress management skills supercedes even top performing CEOs. Upon entering a class, a teacher has to be attuned to at least 30 young …

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How to prevent teams from siloing information?

What makes an excellent employee? Companies make huge investments in staff trainings. In the US alone, close to $80 billion worth of trainings were spent and yet there are no certain ROI that businesses gained from this investment. Is this investment really necessary? Trainings are important in transferring skills and knowledge required of the job – …

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