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3 Tips For On Boarding New Employees: Trial By Fire Not Included


The team has been growing fast lately and the need for getting new hires up to speed faster and integrate new team members without the feeling that a jet pack is strapped to your back. Here is what has worked for us.

1. Establishing a support system for new employees.

Whether there is a FAQ or dedicated resource for new employees, giving new hires a medium to ask questions, get acquainted with other co-workers, and receive instant feedback from what is going on is critical, because nothing is worse that jumping into a meeting and no one giving you any context to what is going on. Group base messaging services is a great way to speed this process up. Especially, if the boss or co-worker is not physically available.


At qiscus, we find using paired with a few tools such as dropbox and evernote very powerful for bringing team members up to speed. By using instant messaging, primarily group chat the response rate is much higher when answering questions and navigating the company and culture. Instead of being paired with one person to show you around the office. A new hire has access to all 16 qiscus employees who collectively can answer any question and help out very quickly.

Once a team member is familiar with messaging they are to able to carry on with new projects and task knowing the team is available when needed.

2. Clarify expectations and responsibilities.

Since qiscus is design to be a transparent messaging platform that allows anyone in a team or company to move to any room and discuss anything. We are always in constant communication syncing up roles and responsibilities for projects, marketing initiatives, development and so on. This level of transparency works great especially for new hires as they can go back into message threads and get more information or send anyone an @all call for more help. Being very clear and concise on what projects and task needs to be done is crucial for new hires as they have no idea how you work or what the team itself expects from them. At qiscus we create new rooms for new hires or use existing ones. This shows them what the currently is being done and what they can start on.

3. Teaching company culture by getting thrown in it.

No one wants to walk into a company not knowing hows thing are ran. My first day at qiscus the Founder said: “Jon I’ll catch up with you Thursday (It was Monday). You can reach via me qiscus”. FYI the Founder was suppose to run me through my scope of work for the week. I was thinking to myself ….hmmm how will this work. As it turn out the whole team runs on the qiscus platform. Our Founder Amin ran me through everything via the qiscus platform. Everything from sales material, PSDs for design templates, and marketing assets for upcoming projects. It was a new experience for me on boarding in a company with half of the team being remote, but very dynamic and continuous because the whole team communicates on a platform build for getting work done.  What made this induction work was total immersion into the companies practice right off the bat.  

Jon Eilerman

qiscus – messaging to get work done

We’re bringing hack tips because we believe in supercharged productivity for teams. 


qiscus is not just a tool for communication but a medium that allows your team culture to thrive and develop better relationships. It’s designed for teams and companies, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project management tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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