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3 Tips on how to manage accountability with a distributed team.


No matter how great your talent or team is, you still need to manage accountability with not only your local team, but the distributed one as well.  Here are a few tips on what has worked for us at qiscus and our sister company 1.618 (Web Design Studio).  Both companies are based in Singapore and Indonesia.

#1 Develop Daily Routines

We experiment with different ideas all the time, but recently we implemented morning check ins.  Morning check ins are just a quick text or qiscus message for our Singaporean team chat that if you are not arriving at the office by 9:30am, notify the team when you are coming in.  We still practice autonomy within the company, but its always good to get a daily digital head count on who is doing what.  

#2 Eliminate Meetings

“A Meetings favorite food is time”

Overkill meetings with small teams can quickly turn into a micro management bonanza and nobody wants that.  Get rid of those time draining meetings.  Either adopt the 5 min stand up meeting or augment it with simple team status updates.  Most small companies can manage to reach the whole team with a short message.  Our team prefers the high frequency method of chat for updates, but there are some solid blog / social media hybrid solutions like Yammer and WordPress’s P2 theme for short status like post.

#3 Tracking team KPIs with Yesware and PipeDrive

For our Sales and Marketing team we levarage these two webapps that work very well together.  We use Yesware for email tracking, and Pipedrive for the CRM which is setup to collect the yesware tracked email that help manage email exchange between clients and prospects.

This benefits our team as Yesware and Pipedrive give us shared access to everyone’s deal flow and overall sales activity. 

All three of these tip incorporate a level of transparency that not only builds trust in the company; but also allows everyone a sense of reassurance that they know what is going on in the company good or bad.

If you have any software or solutions you use for your remote or distrubuted team please share with us in the comments or twitter @qiscus with the #remotehustle hashtag.


Jon Eilerman


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