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4 Awesome things you can do when you start using qiscus right now.

1.  Stop sending emails internally in your company.

Put an end to the days of playing email tag with other co-workers over a conversation or decision that should be resolved in 5 minutes instead of 5 hours.  


2. Tell your boss you want to try out working remotely. 

Once your team is setup on qiscus the ability for a more flexible work environment is now a reality!


3. Manage your teams and company from one screen.

With qiscus’ webapp you can see all team chat communications going on in realtime.  


4. Take your discussion everywhere 

 qiscus is now mobile on Android.  (iOS coming march 2014)  Download here  Now you can be on the go and in the conversation anywhere.


For more information visit us at or tweet us at @qiscus 



qiscus - group messaging tool for teams working remotely.

Distributed workforce have greater leverages in getting a larger talent pool while still keeping operation costs low. However, communication gets more inefficient the further a co-worker is from his colleagues.

qiscus solves this problem by creating a room-based discussion system to allow work discussion flow naturally. This allows your teams productivity to multiply yet remain least disruptive to your work processes.   


qiscus is designed for teams, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project collaboration tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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