4 Pain Points of Using Social Chat Apps for Work

There have been numerous talks on chats being almost the de facto communication platform in the working world. Indeed, popular chat applications like whatsapp, FB Messenger, Google Hangout etc have made it really easy for professionals to reach out to clients. Additionally, with reliable video calls, businesses are empowered to service clients remotely. All these are thanks to the advancements in the WebRTC technology.

This said, there are a few pain points which are felt by professionals with the use of such free chat/call applications.

1) Meeting clients’ needs anytime, on their schedule

While chat apps make it really easy for professionals to connect to clients, the opposite is also true. Clients are free to contact consultants anytime they want. This is especially true for clients/consumers in today’s context. Generally, today’s consumers are expecting to have their needs fulfilled at places of their own choosing, on their own schedules, tailored to their precise needs and often, at the lowest price possible. We can only imagine what the consumers in the future will be like.

2) They are mixed with other social purposes

This may not be seen as a problem. But if you are servicing multiple clients plus chatting with several personal friends/groups of friends using the same application, your focus will just get messed up. The solution is quite simple of course: Just have two different phones with two different numbers. This will help to separate the social chats from the work chats. Well, if you do not mind carrying two phones around and switching between them, then that’s great. Otherwise, this is not an ideal solution.

3) It is tough to not respond

WhatsApp and its likes are designed as a social chat app. Which means, people can message you anytime in the day and they do expect replies from you. They are able to see when you are online (because you have to respond to your friends and families etc) and therefore it might be offensive to clients if you do not respond to them.

If only it is possible for consultants to ‘go offline’ when the working hours has ended.

4) It is not possible to do data crunching

As a consultant/professional, generating insights from data is important to help in understanding the quality of service that has been rendered. Not forgetting, data will be able to help you in making the right decisions for your business. Using free chat apps are convenient but in the long run, it is not possible to use the data that flows through the apps to your advantage.

These pain points are common across the consultancy/professional services industries.

The 4 pain points above are a compilation of the feedback we received over the past few years. They are evident in several industries which deals with consultancy or advisory work. For instance, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Tax Consultants, Business Consultants or even Counsellors.

There are of course solutions to address these 4 pain points. Simply visit www.qiscus.com/endtoend or drop us a note at [email protected] We will be happy to be your sounding board.



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