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4 Tips For Managing Expectations Across Remote Teams.

We work with a lot of companies whose workforce is remote. A recurring problem I hear regularly is that the manager or marketing team will convey a task or project to a developer with the plans in place, but the execution is done incorrectly or not to the exact specification needed. 

Communicating Requirements Across Remote Teams

 A lot of remote working teams use various services such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Webx, Fb Messenger and so on.  These are all solid communication applications, but not built to help developers and Account Mangers solve the problem of understanding one another’s expectations of how the project be executed.  The best for medium for this is a mix of images, audio and video by providing detailed instructions.

Create Multimedia Guides

qiscus’ sister company is a web design studio that faces this problem daily.  Different teams have different methods, but at the end of the day we always deliver.

“Screenshots, mock ups and video screencast, lots of them”  

Syncing up expectations

When working remotely, you may be speak with you development team or project manager and “assume” your explanation is clear and concise enough for everyone to get a general idea of what’s going on. Wrong!!!  The first assumption by thinking a “general idea” of what is going on is sufficient for a team to execute a project is already setting up the team for lots of failure and extended deadlines in there near future.  The use of detailed screenshot and video screencast provide a medium that allow everyone to see exactly how things should function in line with the documented specifications for a given project.  

Using the tools below you can take time to really articulate what needs to be accomplished.  I made a quick demo video to explain how I used these tools with our Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Singapore offices. 

Evernote / Skitch

  • Skitch and Evernote work great together especially if you like mixing text, images and audio notes. 


Snagit is a personal favorite for its flexibility and power tools.  Think microsoft paint on steroids.


  • When you need quick building blocks to sketch out a design, webpage or product flow, Balsalmiq gets it done quickly with its prebuilt assets to help construct web or mobile design ideas quickly.


If you prefer doing audio notes for explaining goals and task of project, I recommend vocaroo as its super easy to share voice notes across various messaging services. You just record your voice and share the link in seconds.


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