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48 hours Launch Aid Workshop!

So last weekend, we were out at 48 Hours Launch Aid. 


It’s a 2-day entrepreneurship workshop where participants were given opportunities to test out their start-up ideas and get a first-hand experience on market researching.

You know it’s always so cool to be able to work with like-minded people who would wake up really early to do amazing things.


Okays he wasn’t exactly awake. haha.

In any case, it was a really good workshop run by Khairu Rejal.


That’s Khairu btw. “What’s the value that you’re offering guys??”

Khairu has been mentoring countless number of start-ups given his role as the main guy in Ideas Inc.

Acid test for qiscus

So initially when we designed qiscus, we assumed that it would be useful in a seminar/workshop setting.

However we found that it’s not natural for people to be taking notes partly because of two reasons:

  1.  It’s hard to multi-task; ie type and listen at the same time
  2. The internet connection was not fast enough

There’s still much to learn and we’ll continue to develop qiscus further. Keep you posted on this!


Key points for entrepreneurs and entre-wannabes!

Nonetheless, qiscus did a pretty good job at facilitating our discussion so here are the key points that were chosen to be useful (human bias at work again).

dont be restricted in singapore
 - TikiTokoTaka
"fail fast and succeed sooner"
 - delta
1) Think big (really big).. Think beyond Singapore. 
2) Start young. Dont wait coz as you age, commitment increases.
3) Fail fast and learn fast. Then will succeed sooner.
4) Network, network and network.
 - From Everyone
get qualitative feedback, and find the common need from ur findings
 - arif
Stay focus but go deep n crazy
 - Syed
pivots happen when u realise that ur business is not sustainable
 - arif
angel investors fund because they actually REALLY LIKE YOU  - building rapport with investors
 - guest

The cherry of this post

It’s a long post so thanks for making it this far. As a reward, here’s a good video that summarise what we should all do. Bumiputera or not.

Ps. Sorry Anfele! It’s in malay and I can’t find a better replacement video that says it nicely the way the video says it.


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