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7 Tips to increase productivity: Using Evernote for students


It is troublesome and difficult to remember everything that was taught in class every time. So voila! Here comes Evernote. For those who still have not come across this app, it is an app that allows you to write now and remember later. It helps you to remember, everything. And to top it off, it is easy to use. Here are 10 ways how to use Evernote and increase your productivity:

1) Evernote makes you organised


I am the opposite of an organised person. However, a peek inside my Evernote account reveals a different story. Notes can be tagged and saved into notebooks; creating organised notebooks for notes from different modules, subjects or lessons. These notes contain typed notes, handwritten notes, pictures, webpages, audio files, documents, pdfs, powerpoints and much, much more.

2) You can email to Evernote

Every Evernote account comes with its own unique email address, which allows you to instantly save into Evernote. One of the frustrating problems associated with a lot of note-taking apps on phones and tablets/iPads, is the lack of export options. But with this handy feature, you will always be able to email your work to Evernote and then access them on your computer! Easy peasy.

3) The Evernote web clippers

Similar to web bookmarks, I use web clippers as a way of storing information that I have come across that I may need again in the future. Evernote has web clippers for all of the major web browsers that allow you to clip a webpage so you can tag it and make its contents searchable. This makes Evernote ideal for collecting ideas and evidence for projects. This would also be helpful when doing reports and its referencing.

4) Evernote gives you access to your notes on multiple devices

The Evernote iPad app does some very impressive things, but doesn’t quite give you the full functionality of the desktop version. Of course, it doesn’t matter too much since Evernote automatically syncs your notes between all of your devices. This allows you to have your notes with you all of the time, meaning you can create notes and organise yourself on the move.

5) Using Evernote to share notebooks

Shared notebooks opens up yet more possibilities for the role of Evernote in education. As students, we mostly share our notes with friends using Dropbox and Google drive. So how is Evernote any different? Well it works similarly in fact! You can share notebooks and notes you have taken with your friends easily.


Calling out to teachers or aspiring teachers out there, you can also share subject contents and notes with your students here too!

6) Use Evernote to search your notes

Evernote is all about organisation and efficiency. The ability to search your notes provides a serious time-saver. Long were the days gone where I had to scroll through dozens of pages of my web browsers history in order to find a website containing something interesting that I forgot to favourite. Evernote makes all of your notes and web clippers searchable within seconds.

7) It is FREE


So go ahead. Evernote your notes for everlasting notes 😉



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