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A letter to my past self.

I ranted about school systems in Singapore quite recently. Then I thought about what I went through and if there’s a way to address my past self, what would I say.

So here’s a letter that I wish I could send to my past self. 

Dear Amin,

If you’re reading this letter, I hope it has the same effect as a sledge hammer ramming the right side of your face. I intended it to be a wake up call because the earlier you wake up the better. 

Though I know you’ve always been aware of how things work, there are a couple of things that could have been done with more finesse. So here’s a list; Read it, learn it, apply it and skip school more.

1. Master People. 
People are the cornerstone of everything. Master the art of making people like you is a must. Read every page of this book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence people.
Get the book here: Dale Carnegie PDF

2.Ask the right questions. 
Asking the right questions is more important than finding the right answers. A bad question will give you a bad answer. A good question will give you a good answer. A profound question will, of course, give you a profound answer. 

Now the irony of this is you won’t be able to ask a good question because you need a good answer to get another good question. Get this irony yet? 

But here’s a shortcut; Seek mentors. Go and interview people who’s done the things you want to do. Ask them as many questions as you possibly can. Get their answers and build more questions upon their answers and ask the next mentor. Eventually, you’ll find someone who gives you directions for you to act on, instead of more questions. Stick with that person for a while, work on that directions and get moving as fast as possible.

3. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Remember this well and always. Quickly find something that you would have the most profound impact on the world and stay. People will have a thousand of things on why that is a bad idea but listen to that tiny inkling of magic in you that says STAY. YOU know this will be huge. 

Gather what’s good and eliminate what’s bad. Then build your capacity in that specific niche every day, every hour and every second. Aim nothing but to be world best and drive yourself forward each day to reach that target.

4. Put in 10x the effort expected.
Remember that whatever you aim, the effort required is 10x more than what you expect. 

At 10x the effort, it also always appears to be to huge to take a bite from. The solution to this is to use a good task list manager, break your tasks to smaller bits, put on your helmet and look down to clear the small tasks as quickly as possible. Don’t look up until most of your items in your tasklists are gone. 

Before you know it, at the end of the day, you would not believe how much you’ve accomplished that day. 

Then before you sleep, start filling your list for tmr for 10x effort again.

5. Find your own resources.
There’s a ton of resources. Books, web videos and audio tapes. Stop learning useless stuffs that you dread learning. Instead in order to maximize your learning, learn whatever you can to accomplish the tasks that you set for yourself.

If you’re stuck, turn to twitter and ask an expert. Go to quora and look for expert answers. Again, answers are everywhere. Even in plants, ants or the sea. 

Yet the most important thing is ALWAYS ask the right questions.

6. Pick up a new language every year.
You are more than capable of speaking 10 languages. In a span of three months, you’ve listened to audio tapes consistently daily, 45 min a day and you can speak some french. Imagined if you did that since you were 16. 

You’ll be a polyglot by the time you’re 25. 

Btw, if you need materials, click here: 
French Pimsleur Tapes

7. Most importantly,
Build qiscus. It is the one thing that completely changes the way your team works. It’s crazy how much you can accomplish with a good messaging system for your team. 

What you did over the past three months, is almost equal to the things you’ve done over the past 5 years because of qiscus.

If you are curious click here:

There. Almost everything that you need to do things differently. I can’t give you more because you might just change my current existence totally (time continuum theory). 

But all the same, know that youth is such a great opportunity and blessing. Make sure you use every last drop of it so that your future self can thank your past self for it.

Best wishes,
Current Amin.



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