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A short story to be careful with knowledge

Once upon a time there was a boy who loves collecting knowledge. Unlike others he collects knowledge by discussion.

Every day, he would find brilliant people to discuss ideas and learn new things. At first it was amazing because of how quickly you can gain knowledge by this way. There’s so much to gain with learning from everyone.

One day he became proud. Its not that he showed everyone that he is proud. It doesn’t show because he hides it very well. Its inside his brain where he thinks he’s better than everyone because of what he knows.

Because of that, he starts to look down on people. At first it was just a little. Over time it overwhelms him in ways he didn’t even realise.

Because of that, he began to push the people close to him away. Because they are close to him, the things he hides permeates through and they sense it. It is ugly and it has a certain stench of proudness.

Until finally he loses everyone that he cares, especially the ones closest to him. The people that are close to him left him because they can’t stand the stench. It eats them away like how he’s being eaten on the inside. Though he doesn’t show it but they feel unappreciated. They feel inadequate. They don’t even know how to advise him so that he will be able to change. The stench of looking down on people is so mysterious, so silent nonetheless it is a stench that permeates around.


All alone, he despairs though he doesn’t realise why nobody wants to be with him. Of course no man is an island and it starts to hurt to be left alone.

The pain grew and finally jolts him.

With tears in his eyes and a heart shattered to pieces, he realised that pride is not a cloak that man can wear. There’s so much than man is able to learn but it is nothing but a drop in the ocean. The stench, the stench… from his tiny shoulders that rot under the weight of the cloak of pride.

And the boy decides to abandon the cloak of pride and tries to adorn the tattered shirt of humility. It’s too late to gain back the people he has lost but at least his heart feels lighter and more at ease.

And he starts to make new friends again. He becomes much happier and starts to learn faster.

The irony of which; men are forgetful creatures and the cloak of pride inevitably starts creeping in again.

Dear readers, it’s something that happens to all of us. So take a moment to give a prayer to the the boy and for all of mankind that we don’t forget.

Perhaps, the solution to a better world is simply to adorn the tattered clothes of humility. While it’s tattered and torn, there’s a beautiful fragrance and radiance the permeates through the wearer simply because it is suitable and appropriate for man.


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