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Are Online Groups real Groups?

Except from Group Dynamics by Donelson Forsyth

“When people think of a group they tend to think gathering of individuals in some specific location.  A family picnicking, a football team practicing, a team of workers assembling a machine, or a clique of friends gossiping about the weekend’s event; these are groups. Some groups, however, do not fit peoples’s intuitive conception of the typical group.  Consider for example, 10 people who never see each other face-to-face, but only communicate with one another using computers connected to the internet.  Are these people members of a network or a group?”  


This was published in 2006, but I believe most online users would agree Online groups are real groups, even if the actions or relationship within those groups are a little different from the traditional definition of groups.

Donelson explains that a "group” exist to complete a goal.  We create teams to win games or business, memberships to build networks, communities and so on to accomplish all sort of goals.  Companies, Sports teams, neighborhood watch, networking referral groups for business.  

If online groups are groups by the explanation above, then online groups are able to accomplish goals on a larger scale.

Since the boom of social, instant messaging and voip, enabling online communities to organize and group together has never been easier, but to communicate in a organized and productive way has always been difficult.  It is hard to complete goals if the team or group is not focused.

For example, everyone has had a conversation on a instant messaging thread or email when all of the sudden the topic is changed by a group member and that “thread” of discussion is no longer one subject.  It is now a thread with multiple subjects, which can get cluttered very quickly and throw the team off task and less likely to accomplished the goal.

With qiscus we set out to build a group messaging platform that focuses on helping companies with remote teams or larger organizations that need a more robust and faster communication platform to enhanced their groups productivity and achieve more goals.

qiscus - group messaging tool for teams working remotely.

Distributed workforce have greater leverages in getting a larger talent pool while still keeping operation costs low. However, communication gets more inefficient the further a co-worker is from his colleagues.

qiscus solves this problem by creating a room-based discussion system to allow work discussion flow naturally. This allows your teams productivity to multiply yet remain least disruptive to your work processes.   


qiscus is designed for teams, platform agnostic and it’s as easy to as chat but as powerful as a project collaboration tool.

Supercharged your teams communication by giving qiscus a try



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