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Are popular apps such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype secure as you think?

Is your business using messaging apps that are unsecured?


We discuss frequently on this blog about team work, team management, workplace hacks, but a serious post on security is due as we have been seeing more and more online services hacked and exploited.  If you were not concerned now you should be.  

Send unencrypted messages once shame on Whatsapp, send unencrypted messages twice shame on Viber.  Use B2C messaging apps for your Business….That is asking for trouble. 


Just 2 years ago there was a huge uproar on Whatsapp about a wifi exploit that allowed anyone with software called “whatsapp sniffer” to retrieve anyone’s whatsapp messages on a shared wifi network (WEP or unsecured).


Just 2 months ago CNET reported that researchers from the New Haven’s Cyber Forensics Research & Education demonstrated Viber unencrypted transmission of data.  Not that these sort of things happen everyday, but if someone who knows what they are doing capitalizes on an opportunity to collect such data is very serious concern.


Ars published an article last years on how Skype misleads users on what is encryption and how your privacy is managed.  

*Do note that security flaws in Whatsapp has been resolved and Viber stated at WMC that “it’s fixing the issue”.

Why you should be concerned for your business?

  • Data security
  • Protecting company IP
  • Data retention 
  • Data recovery
  • User security (know who has access to which conversations)
  • These messaging services were not built to manage work communications

Why invest so much in security when these free services are putting your company’s information at risk with just an unencrypted text message?  

This started ever since the day BYOD (Bring your own device) to work with smartphones and mobile devices go everywhere we go.  This is not a bad thing, but is something I know IT professionals lose sleep over in when it comes to security.  Company CEO, Director, or Manager reading this do consider the risks when using such services.  


Of course nothing is 100% safe, but there are messaging companies who have taken security and placed it as a high priority.

qiscus (B2B) Cross platform (Android, iOS, and Desktop)

Telegram (B2C) Cross platform (Android, iOS, and Desktop)

cyberdust (B2C) iPhone app


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