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Awesome awesome meet-up at Fork by SYINC

This time, our event is not so secret cos we told Shaun that we’re coming.
But that’s because SYINC always organizes amazing events! Each time I attend a SYINC event, I’ld get a vibe rush (like sugar rush but more useful). 

Syinc is a part design studio, part civic organisation, part innovation lab. They do lots of amazing creative work and you can check them out here. 

Oh here’s Shaun btw. (I think the cool hair-do helps with creativity)

Sorry Bernice, I can’t find a picture of you. So I’ll just put Shaun’s picture okays.

What’s FORK?

FORK is a celebration of neat-side projects; especially ones that make world a little better (and authentic!).

It was really awesome. The crowd’s amazing. The pitches are really cool. And Artistry is a chilled out place and that totally enhances the whole experience!

Okays here’s the event converage with qiscus auto-magic compiler 

There’s a whole lot to cover so it’ll be short snippets on some of my favourites (being bias here) 

Big giant robot!

Cool mario box! You know Mario Brothers the game...

Sid says here's a cooler way to recycle: Upcycle!

Before this post gets too long, I’ll just stop here.

If you wish to hop on the bandwagon and join me for such events with SYINC, go to their facebook page and like it! There’s more pictures there too and I kinda stole some from their FB page.

Next instalment in our secret mission… we’re going to the Kampong!

ps. Looking forward to meeting you this coming Monday Shaun! Heard Bernice is treating right.


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