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Bandung Keren Banget Si!

Keren : Cool | Banget : Very

Last Thursday, on our way to Jogjakarta from Jakarta, we made a detour to Bandung Techno Park for a Ngorbit!

Ngobrol : Loosely defined, it means to have a light chat or discussion about with a group of people

Bit: Bytes

Ngobrol + bit = Ngorbit (at least that’s what I think it’s suppose to be =p)


Bandung Techno Park

It is an incubation centre supported by Telkom University with the intention of driving growth in the ICT industry and technoprenuer in Indonesia.

The building, though is not fully ready yet is pretty cool:


*side note: I probably should have brought the DSLR

Anywas you can see the whole schematic of the building at current and in the near future on the website.

How Team Transparency Helps Teams

In this talk, we explored two social phenomenas that exist in all teams. Namely, they are;

1. Social Loafing : Why teams are lazy

2. Tacit Knowledge : How to create super employees

We also tried a different format for the Q&A session. So, instead of having participants grilling the speaker (that’s me), I get to ask another question back at the questioner first.

The whole idea is to allow everyone to observe what goes on in a discussion, to gain some understanding on why certain questions were posed and to show what it was like to be able to gain insights to a discussion fully.

It was extremely fun and for future Q&A sessions, we’re definitely going to continue with this cool format.

Here’s the slide decks if you didn’t manage to catch the talk.

Looking for speakers!

A huge big thank you to Adi Arriansyah, Gigih Rezki Septianto and the awesome team at Ngorbit for making this happen!

If you are going to be in Bandung next month and you would like to share the cool stuff that you’re doing, do give Adi or Gigih a ping on Twitter. They’re looking for speakers and at the same time, they can also show your around the great places to go in Bandung!


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