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Be Limitless With Bookmarks

Let us take care of all these mental baggages, while you free up your mind for more important things.

Picture this, you’ve had a great discussion in one of qiscus rooms with your colleagues and you’ld like to keep track of some of the ideas and pointers shared by everyone.

Some of the messages are just information that could be useful for you in the future. Others are important notes that you need to take action on quickly.

Introducing bookmarks: A revolutionary way to stop bcc-ing yourself so that you don’t forget.

*Bookmarks are a personal feature. This means that whatever you bookmark won’t be seen by your team mates.

So how do you book mark an important comment?
Simple: Just double-click on any messages on the qiscus web application.

Here’s a quick GIF on how it’s done >>

*Easy-peasy: Click on the side panel to review your bookmarks.

Also if you noticed there’s a green bar that indicates how long the message will be bookmarked. We set it at 6 days so that you don’t have bookmarks hoarding;

(just like emails hoardings and you go through the ritual of deleting your emails only to ask yourself why did you keep that emails in the first place…)

* Notice the 6 days bar?

Clicking on the bookmarks will also bring you right back into the conversation.

See! We thought of almost everything for you. Now that everything’s been taken care for you, get ready to be limitless!

qiscus – Messaging for Work > Try it today!


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