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Being desk bound is back breaking work: How a Chiropractor’s pitch deck changed my posture at work.

So recently, I join a new networking referral group (Gateway BNI). Once a week one member from the group gets to pitch his or her line of work. Last week Chiropractor Dr. Gary Tho from Chiro Works explained in his pitch how bad posture can cause load of problems. That goes without saying, but what caught my attention was realizing how much we all actually work most of the day sitting at our desk.

Starting with a few examples on how we posture ourselves with laptops computers. Instead of having our backs against the chair at a 90 to 105 degree angle (This keeps everything open so blood and fluid flows freely) we tend to lean/crouch over out computers for hours at time putting a lot of strain on the neck and spine. I don’t know about most people, but I want to feel good going into work and leaving in the same or better condition.

Even something as simple as having a very thick wallet in your back pocket  (we are all loaded at qiscus of course :p) can cause you to offset your posture and cause problems.

All that being said I wanted to share some quick tips from Gary that will help prevent and strain your body less.

Change your office environment 

1. If you have a external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Use that setup with your desktop or laptop to change the environment. This will help you practice better posture. Depending on the size of your monitor adjust it to eye level. (If you have anything over 27 inches set the screen at 75% of it height and match to eye level.


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2. Simple neck stretches can really help reduce pain after sitting all day long.imageImage Source:


Take structured breaks

3. Take frequent break every 20 mins, 3o mins or 60mins (Everyones routine varies) One system you may want to give a try is the Pomodoro Technique. This technique works in 25 minute intervals with 5 min breaks. The system is a bit more detailed than that, but if you need a new way to get more work done and have more time to take a breaks (stretch, exercise, relax etc.). Give it a try.

Hope these tips helped you as much as they have help me!



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