Bringing Care into The Palms of Patients

We are seeing an aggressive revolution of the professional service industries – a wave of virtualization is hitting multiple industries and pressurizing professional service firms to rethink, restrategize and transform the way they bring their services to their clients.

The healthcare industry is probably one of the industries that are the hardest or most ‘insulated’ from this ‘aggressive revolution’. Or maybe that’s what most of us think. On the contrary, healthcare industry is one of the industries that is embracing and riding on this wave. And we are catalysing this in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry itself is probably one of the most complex industries the society has ever witnessed; Strict regulations, lengthy bureaucratic procedures, difficulties in adopting new technologies, imbalance of providers versus medical cases, the exorbitant medical costs etc.

These complexities coupled with insufficient resources, infrastructures, talents etc makes it a real challenge for Indonesia to even meet the basic demands for healthcare, what more ensure the quality of the care given.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention or rather, Innovation.

There are several persistent issues and unmet needs in Indonesia’s healthcare industry such as:

  • The insufficient numbers of doctors in suburban/ rural areas.
  • The expensive cost, time and energy for traveling to and from service providers.
  • Long queues, congested hospitals, and high exposure to germs and diseases during the process.
  • Lack of information and confirmation on the doctor’s quality or second opinion from other sources, such as the internet etc

The challenge is immense for sure but it does drive innovation and revolution in Indonesia’s healthcare industry. HaloDoc, supported by Qiscus, is at the heart of this.

Hello HaloDoc

Offering a concept of a walking “virtual” medical kit, HaloDoc application provides the shortcut and instant connection to a Doctor with absolute ease.

Supported by big names backing its progress such as Gojek and also has successfully secured a series A round worth $13 million led by a Singapore-based private investment firm last year, users can expect to see more of its integrations to the ever revolutionary app of Indonesian people that is Gojek.

HaloDoc’s most notable shot to fame has to be when the President of Indonesia – Joko Widodo, specifically named HaloDoc as one of the four local startups that he believed will help push Indonesia’s position as the digital energy of Asia. This happened just mid of 2016 and within a few weeks of HaloDoc’s official launch to App Store and Google Play.

How HaloDoc Does It Differently

Websites providing medical feedbacks from real doctors or forum discussions have long existed and so have other medical information providers with online consultation menu. So what happened here? How exactly HaloDoc differs?

For starter, HaloDoc has a distinct online platform for online consultation service that is WebRTC based –proudly provided by Qiscus, particularly for its live video and chat technology. Naming it onlineIndone, this platform allows patient to ‘meet up’ with their doctor at any given time for a direct access and live interactions in the fastest, most accurate and safest way.

HaloDoc also connects to other online services such as ApotikAntar or the pharmacy delivery and LabConX which is a home-service for patient laboratory checks. But above all, it is the online consultation platform with voice, video call, and chats with Qiscus Web-RTC system that’s won the hearts of millions. Users can pick based on the available or online doctors by their preference, specific medical needs, and a variety of budget. And best of all, payment is cashless and based on per-as-you-use basis – there is a usage meter (kind of a taxi meter of sorts) that tracks and charges the patient in real-time.

With endorsement and support from Indonesia’s Association of Doctors, HaloDoc also ensures the quality of the Doctors by screening the Doctors individually. Doctors are screened for their medical licenses and registered legal documentations. To date, there are thousands of Doctors from all over Indonesia already onboard the app.

In conclusion, some benefits that Halodoc brings include :

  • A steady supply of ‘online’ doctors, readily accessible nation-wide, even in rural areas.
  • Cutting all costs, time and energy, particularly from traveling and queueing.
  • More quality confirmations based screenings, other patients’ reviews, which in turn improves quality of service.
  • Lower medical costs using pay per use model instead of a flat consultation rate.
  • Consultation, medicine delivery, and lab checks at the comfort of the patient’s home without much direct interventions.

To all Professional Service Firms out there: It’s time to ride on the wave

Highly driven by technology, HaloDoc is just one example as to how Qiscus’ technology can help. Qiscus is on a dynamic path towards many major technological improvements for the lives of many in ASEAN. Bunga papan bogor

Feel free to drop us a note at [email protected] and use us as a sounding board on how you can take the first step forward in leveraging on WebRTC.


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