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Chat Apps to Enter Business Industry

How many hours do you spend in a day communicating with people via chat apps? Almost 24 hours? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one because apparently 97% mobile in Indonesia access chat apps multiple times per days. There are even 39% people who prefer chat apps as their main channel of mobile communication over SMS, social networking, voice messages, and e-mails.

With such high number of statistic, it’s no wonder that chat app market has been rapidly growing over these past few years. Various chat apps are thriving to always adapt themselves with the never-ending evolution of technology.

Photo credit: Flickr Alvaro Ibanez

Take a look at LINE, they optimize their service by paying attention to the country localization. In Indonesia, LINE personalizes the stickers feature of its app, like when they created cartoon figures during Ramadan. This sort of personalization for Indonesia users leads to personal connection to the app and makes the experience more fun.

Even social media like Facebook didn’t want to be left behind from the chat apps party. In August 2011, they launched a specific chat app that allows you to easily communicate with your Facebook friends without having to open their profile pages first.

The popularity of chat apps has also entered the professional business industry. We all know that communication is the key, especially in a workplace. However, these communications can take many different forms, whether you talk in person, send documents over e-mail, or online through one of those chat apps.

But, don’t you think that sometimes it can be exhausting to use different platforms for every communication form?

Fortunately, now there are chat apps that can work seamlessly in a centralized online workspace. They allow you to both collaborate in open forums and casually talk in private messages. You can also send documents to each other, just like what you usually do via e-mails.

Some of those chat apps are even offering more flexibility than the others. We would like to be one of them. With just fewer clicks to create new chat rooms and invite other users to enter, you can use our platform to get things done more effectively and seamlessly.


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