Chat Beats Everything Else, Soon, Even in Workplace

Did you know that according to, there are 97% mobile users in Indonesia who access chat apps multiple times per day?

Well it is not surprising. Indonesians are some of the most active users of chat apps in the world – 39% of Indonesians ie ~100 million Indonesians prefer chat apps as their main channel of mobile communication over SMS, voice messages, and e-mails.

Why so? Because the habit of messaging is not ingrained in us ever since the inception of SMS.

Based on the survey by Global Web Index in 2014, there are at least three main reasons behind the increasing chat apps’ popularity – And the top reason is, the chat apps are FREE! Indonesian people loves free stuff – ok who doesn’t? ;p

Now analysing deeper on this trend will reveal a few interesting observations: One of which is that people actually choose ‘when to use what’. The LINE app, for example, is mostly used by younger audience who wants to have fun via stickers and multiple ways to engage with their friends or favourite organizations. Whatsapp on the other hand, is used as the main communication tool – albeit for the purpose of communication itself.

Going even deeper, we will see that this ‘messaging habit’ which has become unstoppably contagious in the social world, is not finding its way to the working world as well.

Google, Microsoft and other tech giants are now pushing a whole new working culture – The Future Work.

With the workforce becoming more dispersed and decentralised, a new way of communication is needed to make work communication more efficient and effective. The old way of physical meetings and emails to ‘keep things on track’ will/are no longer the most effective ways of communication. Bunga papan bandung

Especially in a huge country like Indonesia with its central city, Jakarta, being already being the ‘world’s largest parking lot’, the use of chat apps in the working world will be something that ‘only make sense’ for the sake of maintaining a decent level of work productivity.


There are increasing number of players trying to tackle this issue, including the tech giants like Microsoft and Google. We will elaborate more on this in our next post. But in the meantime, don’t forget to keep in-tune with qiscus – something big is coming up…



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