Chat and Calls are Empowering Businesses

Technology runs on a fast and steady pace that keeps everyone on their toes. Innovations, start-ups, and more tech trends are launched at extremely fast rate, consequently shifting the global perception of the world. With its large impact, technology becomes a mandatory aspect in human’s daily life.

It is now mandatory for businesses to learn, adapt, implement, advance, and evolve along with it.

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In essence, business and technology share one fundamental element: human interaction. The demand for flawless and real-time message exchange in the business world is a crucial factor that can determine the profit or loss of a company. For this reason, it is a matter of importance to apply a reliable, fast, and practical online messaging tool that works in every platform.

Web Real-Time Communication, or WebRTC, is an emerging standard of web communication that makes high-definition, high-resolution, low-bandwidth video, audio chat, and peer-to-peer data transfer as simple as a single browser link. It is the mode of telecommunication that allows instant information exchange with the live transmission system.

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Deemed as the future of online communications worldwide, WebRTC provides benefits ranging from improving customer service, increasing efficiency, to boosting significant sales and many more. 

In terms of development, WebRTC is believed to be just entering its infancy phase but it is happening. There will still be many major improvements and advances along the way. All which says, welcome onboard to WebRTC.

WebRTC Growth in Asia

In November 2015, Beijing – the Silicon Valley of China – held the first major WebRTC and Real Time Web event in Asia. Attended by over 600 participants from China, Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Australia and the United States. It is now becoming an annual WebRTC conference and event in Beijing.

In attendance was an equal mix of key players in the industry from many prominent WebRTC leaders, software developers, and business speakers. Several names in participation were Agora, Baidu Alibaba, VIPABC, and Intel, marking this event as an important staple of WebRTC in Asia.

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The take up of WebRTC rate varies as it depends on the browsers that users are using. For example, most users in China are using Internet Explorer [which does not support WebRTC] while users in Indonesia and Thailand are mostly using Mozilla or Chrome, which are already supporting WebRTC.

While Spain and The United States are claimed to be the emerging WebRTC hotspots, Asia is expected to be the fastest growing market for eCommerce and Internet usage in the next decade. The development of many of these services will happen in Asia, as well, from Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and India.

Focus in Indonesia: WebRTC Roar in Asia Continues

The Indonesian economy expanded 5.02 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2016. And is expected to grow up to 5.1% in the year 2017. Many of the growth is targeted at one sector: e-commerce.

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Indonesia is one of the biggest internet users in the world. With up to 93,4 million and 75% of which relies on smartphones or gadgets. The Indonesian government also aims to create up to 1.000 technopreneurs with the business valuation of 10 billion USD. And e-commerce target value of 130 billion USD by the year 2020.


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The heavy penetration of internet users in Indonesia is expected to still grow significantly. More and more flexible internet infrastructures, facilities and providers are in constant development. In order to offer more online practicality, transactions, and overall economic boost.

Here are also other important supporting facts. Explaining why when it comes to WebRTC and technology developments, Indonesia is the one to watch:

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The Importance of Virtualizing for Services Industry

As e-commerce in Indonesia steps up rapidly. So will the need for these companies to make sure that they’ve embraced communication technologies to the best of their abilities.

Virtualizing for services industry means getting closer to the market. And bridging the gap between clients and owners in order to generate business sustainability. This applies to all service areas, including Healthcare, Law Consultation, Education, Accounting, and others.

The only solution that is already happening is in WebRTC. It is no longer the matter of whether a business is using it or not. But rather a matter or how we bring the best of WebRTC into our business. The failure to do so will mean one thing, falling behind and fading in the competition.

Like it or not, WebRTC is taking over the global telecommunication world, and all other business elements will follow suit.


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