Chat is Playing a Bigger Role in E-Commerce

Consumers spend a significant portion of their lives chatting via popular messaging and social media applications. Interactions between friends are more frequently than not, carried out via chats which are a great way to make new friends and engage existing friends.

For eCommerce businesses targeting the Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers, this is one important thing to note. In today’s times, if consumers feel belonged to your company/brand, you can be sure that he will talk about you. A lot. Words will start spreading and you will be smiling. But be reminded that the opposite is true as well.

It is therefore not a surprise that eCommerce businesses are now banging on the strategy of building a community around their products/services to improve their business bottom line. Forrester Research reported that 94 percent of sites which adopted the strategy of building communities claimed that their repeat traffic was boosted and the strategy generated nearly one-quarter of all site traffic. They achieved all these without spending significantly more on advertising or marketing costs.

A core strategy for building communities is to facilitate chats amongst the consumers and between the consumers and the brand/business itself. With the convenience of getting and giving feedback via simple chats, it is easier for consumers to feel connected to other consumers and the brand/business. Quoting one McKinsey analyst, Showa Brown on her comments relating to instilling a sense of belonging to a community;

If they feel a connection, they’re more likely to take the next step and become buyers.

Therefore, facilitating ‘chats’ between consumers will no longer be an ‘optional’ value-add. It will soon or in fact has become the key that will determine whether the eCommerce business will fly up high or falter.

However, sooner than what most businesses think, chats will have a bigger role in eCommerce than just building a community. Chats are now facilitating the actual commerce itself. It is time to welcome the new trend of Conversational Commerce.

Check this video out and you will know what this means:

It is no longer deniable that chats are playing a bigger and bigger role in the real of eCommerce. It is, therefore, important for eCommerce businesses to start exploring implementing chats in their business processes, beginning from building a community around products/services.

Yes, we understand that taking the first step is the hardest. We will make it easy for you by sharing with you practical ideas for you to implement quickly before jumping onto the bandwagon of conversational commerce. Just drop us a note at [email protected] and we will be happy to be your sounding board. For FREE.



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