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 Monster X Jobr

How many of you have filled in a full profile in various professional job search portals? Does it work? Sometimes, even if we have already filled in all the information needed in the professional job search portal we signed in to, we still do not get the information we want; job offer we need; or reference to the company profile that we have to read. So, let’s start to list the famous job-search portals; LinkedIn, JobStreet, JobsDB, and Jobr. Have you ever heard of the last one?

Jobr is actually not a website portal but a job-seeking-application created by a start up company from San Francisco, United States of America. In 2016, Jobr was acquired by one of the top 20 most visited websites in the world in 2006, Yes, we heard about some issues regarding problems with Monster; like in January 2011 when they had the worst stock ever until the end of 2014 when Monster CEO Sal Iannuzzi resigned. Its shares were down 43% that year, so it is a reasonable conclusion that the acquisition of Jobr is one of Monster’s way to save their ship.

Before we move on to Jobr, let’s learn why a billion dollar company like Monster needed to face that worst year in their journey. In the article written by Lisa Earle McLeod in Forbes, it’s not technology that had made Monster face their free-falling. It was because they were losing their noble purpose. Founder of Monster, Jeff Taylor’s mantra was, “It’s half about a better job, and half about a better life.” But for a decade, it seemed that the company focused more on profit instead of purpose; not to help customers, not to improve the industry, just increase their earnings.

How Jobr Saving Monster Free-Failing

As it turned out, having Jobr as Monster’s new partner since 2016 was probably their greatest decision, as the application now just ranked at #15 in Business app (free) in App Store. Monster can save their ship while going back to the purpose they once had when building the company.

In Monster’s case, they finally realized why it was a great idea to adopt Jobr. This application is so easy to use. By a Tinder-like swipe gesture, the job search application will allow job seekers to save their energy finding the job they want. Swipe right for the job vacancy you are interested in, and just swipe left for the job vacancy you are not so into it. Job seekers can quickly connect with, or dismiss job opportunities, then apply for those jobs. It is still formal, as you also have to fill in your professional profile, but it also gives a fun experience in finding a job which usually is so intimidating and frustrating for job seekers.

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Jobr is also claimed as the fastest and easiest way to hire. As their mission is to become the most efficient and widely used employer app in the world, they offer many features for their users. Jobr offers Facebook login and resume uploads from cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. Each profile page provides information about the company, the job requirements, your matching skills, and some people you already know, like those from your contacts who have Jobr profiles too.

Jobr offers tools for recruiters or job providers that let them manage and interact with applicants or job seekers. They have their own in-app messaging that facilitate both recruiters and applicants to arrange their unique interview schedule or meetings, as well as checking or giving the updates or feedback to the right person.

Do You Need in App Messaging Too?

  • Everybody Loves to Chat

To be honest, if you want to follow the success story of how Jobr can save a billion dollar company like Monster, the answer is yes. You need in-app messaging in your website or application. In-app messaging is not only interesting for users, but also very useful. Everyone wants to have the most up to date data they could have.

Everybody wants to confirm each project or everything they just submitted. Everybody wants to know the detailed information about certain products or service you offer. Every person wants to have dual communication with others, with the person in charge, with those who know better and have more information. In brief, everybody loves to chat. Ask yourself, is it more satisfying to just read the information or ask somebody about it?

  • Greater Impact

In-app for big or growing portal/website/company is important. It can reach more targeted customers, so then it can give greater impact to the customer or society. If you have chat service in your app, you can answer the question from your customer right away. The customers will not lose their time, and you will not lose your potential customers.

  • Profitable

Increasing the profit of the company is just a bonus that will definitely come along just like when we play dominos. Let’s think about it like this: you provide what the customers want and give the best you can, then the customers are happy with your service. They will be your loyal customers and even refer you to their friends. It is also like brand awareness. You get caught, featured, and known better. So yes, the profit will also get higher.

Having your own in-app messaging means that you also get closer to the customers by yourself. Or at least, your team will know the customers and their needs better than before. What you have to do is just to train the customer service of your company to refer your own app to be downloaded. They can give the direct link to the website, Google Store, or App Store. Mention the benefit if the customers download the app and register themselves, or refer to friends.

So, Where You Can Start?

Qiscus Chat SDK can help you to achieve your goal to have chat features functionalities much easier. You do not need to create it by yourself from scratch. As Qiscus chat platform can be integrated to other systems as well, it will be more convenient for your company. All Qiscus Chat system is also Al-Compliant. You can deploy chatbots on its platform. You can customize and modify to suit whatever you need. Read our story in our blog and drop your inquiries at [email protected]


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