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Chicken Soup, for the Lost Souls

Job searching process is a long a tedious process. And for some, it may be rather confusing and difficult; landing many stuck into the question of what kind of job to look for, what careers to pursue or which route to take. There is no right answer to your problem but here are 3 advices for the lost souls:

Let yourself try things and take up opportunities thrown at you.

While some of us are still struggling to figure out which path in life we should take, some of us already know what we want to do in life and has a rough idea what kind of jobs we wish to have. But opportunities for such ideal life are hard to come by. And at every juncture in life we may have to take different routes to get to a certain destination. And truthfully, most of the time we do not know if a career path is the right one for us.

Hence comes the part where you let yourself try things and take up opportunities thrown at you. They might lead you to somewhere good. Some things may not be part of your master plan to take over the world but hey, why not let yourself try it and learn something new in the process?


Sometimes you’ll only find the right career by doing the wrong ones.

Figure out what makes you special.

People tend to forget to appreciate themselves as they get busy chasing goals and pleasing people around them. So you might want to take a step back, take a piece of paper and write down what you have, what you have done so far and what you think you are capable of doing. You might possibly find some hidden talent or passion in you which were long lost.

Figuring out what makes us special is usually a neglected child in our lives. People don’t realise its importance until they really need it. We keep asking ourselves, how do we learn more about ourselves and figure out a career that makes us feel fulfilled?

For many people, trying to launch their own business is important in this phase of their self-exploration. So go ahead, know thyself. Find out what will give you a sense of fulfilment doing it. Then you’ll be ready to face the world come what may. Challenge accepted.

Get other opinions and coaching; all top-performers do.

Since our secondary school days, schools have been giving us talks and career advices, much which were gone to waste and not utilised. At that point of time we don’t actually realise the importance of getting help to spearhead us into whatever careers we want to pursue because we were too young. And partly, because of the big ego we had then. But truthfully, many top-performers had had training and coaching to gear them into the right direction.

Find the right guide, and you may get to the right destination. Swallow up that ego and don’t be afraid to ask! Ask for opinions, for coaching, for networking.

With all these in check, getting to know what you really want and also getting to do it afterwards may actually be possible.

So, don’t feel discouraged when you think that you’re stuck not knowing what kinds of jobs to look for, what careers to pursue or which route to take. We wish you best of luck in your search for a career. Cheers 🙂

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