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#Coming soon: qiscus Enterprise Panel!

Assign enterprise messaging accounts for your staff with qiscus.

One of the main concerns for companies is when their staff leaves or confidential data is communicated, how do you retract back that confidential information when needed?

Most companies assign email accounts but the majority volume of communication is done via whatsapp or skype. This communication channels do not allow companies to retract data or accounts when necessary.

So we’ve created a simple solution for companies!

Introducing qiscus enterprise panels!

With the enterprise panel, you’ll be able to add/remove users into your company directory. (Single Sign On logins or syncing with company directories will be added soon!).

When you remove users, their messages will remain as information storage for knowledge banks but they will not be able to access the rooms/group chats in their account.

*qiscus app preloads a limited number of messages each time so that it’s easier to retract back the account where necessary

You can also view other information with regards to your company communication such as the rooms that your staff converse in as well as the topics that are created.

Up next, we’re building two key features:

1. Retraction of specific files or messages via search
2. User analytics

Currently we’re having a promotion of S$30/monthly for 10 accounts or S$50 for 25 accounts. That works out to about just less that $1 a day for a secure and complete messaging system for your work!

Simply drop us an email at [email protected] if you’re interested!


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