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Coming soon: qiscus Video Conference!

A truly unified communications solution

With qiscus, all your messages, emails, files, links, video/voice call can be unified into a single and secure system. 

  • Topics = Threads

qiscus simplified structure looks similar to platforms that you’re familiar with like Blackberry messaging or Whatsapp. But qiscus is designed with topics, allowing you to have threaded like conversations like the ones you’re having in emails.

  • Passive Notifications

qiscus passive notification allows you to keep track of as many projects/teams without overwhelming yourself with endless notifications. There’s no need for you to figure out whether to be cc’ed or bcc’ed.

  • Files and Links

At the same time, all the files and links that you uploaded during your discussion, will neatly be stored in their respective topics so that you can easily retrieve them back.

  • 1-1 video/voice chat + Multi-person conference chat!

1-1 video/voice chat allows you to quickly confirm any items/tasks without endless bouncing/pinging around.

And now, with multi-person conference chat, you no longer need to be in the same location, office or country to have meetings. Your team will finally be truly global.

All these awesome tools are pack into a neat, compact and secure solution to prepare you for the future of work.

Time and space will no longer be a constraint. You’ll be able to hire the best talents and leverage on the best markets despite being thousands of kilometres apart.

At qiscus, we’re only interested to help you dominate your competitors. Because the only way for us to survive is for you to outlive your competitors.


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