Common Pain Points of Online Learning Platform

It is undeniable that technology is growing rapidly these days. Nowadays, online learning is booming as market research firm Global Industry Analysts projects it will reach $107 billion in 2015. Online learning becomes the essential part of education as we can gather much information just by a click away. More importantly, it facilitates us when we have a problem, especially with distance. Online learning

There are many successful experiences of implementing educational technology. In Indonesia, we start to have a similar approach to perform education technology for a long-distance learner, called as Ruangguru. Ruangguru is a platform that provides services and educational content in technology-based, aiming education stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, government, and institution.

What makes it beneficial and convenient is that it offers us with many features, from online exercise with a question and video, also it has us facilitated whenever we need online consultation or look for teachers. This is the highlight from Ruangguru since they implement chat and online consultation into one of their features. Online learning

These are few pain points from Ruangguru so that it includes these features onto their offering:

1.We all need technology that is more reliable and flexible

Chat and online consultation are what we can get when we use Website-RTC technology. By the benefit gained from implementing WebRTC, both consumers and providers can use Ruangguru anytime and anywhere, since there is no need for further installation. We simply just click the address from the browser, and there, the learners may get broad information related with their specialist subject. Also, the platform can easily be a bridge to conduct communication between students, parents, and providers.

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Ruangguru’s multi-platform.

2. Our workload has been increased, but we still want to contribute

As technology already immersed in all of our lifes aspect. Somehow we have been depending a lot on it and at the same time our workload increase. However, looking from parents and teachers aspect. For example, they still want to see how their children are progressing but in a simpler way.

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Through video and chat, we manage to observe and even consult their development. Finding lesson tutor through Ruangguru. For example, will be less difficult for parents and save time because it is all united in one website. Furthermore, implementing online education with Ruangguru engage students to be more active in learning.

3. Technical cost is rising continuously Online learning

It is undoubtedly that travel expense is escalating and it will affect technical cost in total. However, by using the video and chat facilitate; video-conferencing now has been involved as part of prime communication in various aspect, including in education. Because the conservative way we used before: bringing teachers all way to go from their home city, is costly and sometimes less effective because the class will be huge.

But now with video-conferencing, distance wont be a problem anymore! To point it out, a video-conferencing feature is actually better because it allows data sharing and recording the video is much easier. Ruangguru provides us with that options so we can meet the brightest teacher, it will be more effective, increasing productivity, or in general, reducing technical cost. Online learning

Thus, if any case you have similar goals and want to develop chat and call engines inside your company, you can approach us at [email protected]. We will be looking forward to being your assistance. Online learning


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