Why You Should Consider Utilizing Chat to Engage Millennials?

Millennials, or people in the 18 to 35 age range, are considered more complex and unconventional than the previous generations. Their sheer number compared to the other generations makes them influential in every sector, especially in Information Technology (IT) and mobile networking, where people can easily shift their interest to more convenient products.

Reaching Millennials Using Chat and Social Media

According to recent studies, only 29% of millennials are loyal to the same brand, this is less than Generation X people by 6%. However, this 6% can’t be overlooked, because by 2025, millennials will make up for about a quarter of world population. Thus, it is vital for marketers to comprehend better strategies to reach this generation.

Due to digital transformation Millennials, and a small part of the older generation are changing their way of interacting with brands. In this regard, to a certain extent, IT affects how companies can engage their customers using online chat and social media apps. Moreover, the smartphone is considered the most popular device in this era, with 7 of 8 millennials owning one.

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On the other hand, millennials also enjoy using social media and chat platforms to contact customer service. According to Capterra, almost half of millennials are satisfied by communicating with chat platforms and the telephone has become the least-preferred method, only 12.3% millennials choose this method to contact customer services.

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Furthermore, using chat to reach millennials has been proven to be a good decision, as 77% of content is shared in messaging apps. Also, reaching customers through private communication lines like chat can provide a better result than using social media. Since millennials are highly active in both social media and messaging apps, companies can use this opportunity to increase brand awareness to a large mass of people.

To exploit this opportunity, some might want to develop their own messaging application, while others choose to rely on an already existing platform. It’s true that building your own chatting system is far from simple, but using a third party’s help will greatly lessen the burden.

Moreover, the benefit of getting your own app can outweigh the required initial cost, hence, building it from the scratch can push you to have a better standing than your competitors.

Why Utilizing Your Own In-App Messaging System Is Better?

For companies that provide services as the major part of their business process, relying on other people’s apps to engage customers might incur difficulties. The most obvious one is the fact that they will be dependent on the apps. They will be bound by the terms and regulation of the apps, lacking any kind of freedom, unable to make improvements as they are hindered by the app regulations.

By implementing an in-app messaging system and social media features, you can provide what your customers need yourself. This way, you can enhance your customer brand experience and give them a more positive impression.

Why is this important? Because 88% of consumers will consult online before purchasing. Therefore why not give them a method to consult each other through chatting as well as posting reviews, all in one app which is controlled by you?

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source: U.S News & World Report

Accordingly, most of millennials love to make reviews about products and services. Then,  if they are satisfied with one of them, they are more likely to share it with other people. This is where influencers need social media features to spread the news, and chatting platform is the best media to do that, as millennials nowadays are more eager to communicate between each other real-time or making a content through their channel.


These functionalities are indeed enticing, but building an app from a scratch is something arduous, demanding you a lot of time effort and not all companies can do this. However, Qiscus can help you to solve that problem by providing you with two kind of End-to-End Solution Package, Qiscus Member Engagement (QISME) and Qiscus Online Consultation. You can find out more about the both products from our website.

But this time, we will discuss more about QISME, our white-labeled app. Using QISME, you can have your own WhatsApp with your own company brand to engage your business audiences through chat. With our solution package, you can establish a convenient conversation with your customer to share detailed information regarding the products and services with a real-time precision.

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To top it off, not only via live chat but also using timeline feature. Your customers can post notes and discuss it in the comment section about the product and services, ultimately increasing sales and at the same time,  gaining a free advertising line. Moreover, with QISME, you can build a platform which supports interest related group chat with its own centralized admin.  

You can also collaborate with other organizations or companies using QISME packages, as we provide an “official account” feature. These entities can be charged for having an official account and through it. You can engage app users to a certain extent. What’s more, Qiscus giving you more space to focus on other matters.

Moreover, if the usage is raised significantly, then we will ensure the app continues to work perfectly. In addition, QISME also runs well on iOS and Android apps. If you want to inquire further, you can give us a note at [email protected] anytime, and let’s see what we can build together.


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