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Digital cross training: Jack of all trades, master of tons.

I went to a Sixdegrees networking event last week, and on the surface it was your typical networking event. They had a few speakers from freelancers to directors of agencies who spoke about managing freelancers and how to excel past the competition.

The second speaker Ryan Loi, Creative Director of Whitewood Creative Company tackled the topics of excelling past your competition by cross training for different skills. He talked about how he started out as an designer and moved to photography then makeup. As a result, those three skills in combination are highly valued. This resulted in him having a very diverse portfolio and being very marketable.

Whether you are looking for freelance work or employment the talent bar has been raise. So….How do you make sure you excel as well?

For tech talent, designers, online marketers, copywriters, film, photography and the cutting edge business professionals. I recommend a few great resources for self improvement and training that I have used myself.

Udemy is the world’s largest destination for online courses.

Treehouse  is the fastest, easiest way to learn to code, make apps, and start a business.

Fizzle Co. Training from experts you trust + vital community. Create an online business you’re proud of.

Mahalo Learn anything.

Fstoppers Video Blog for Creative Professionals.

By Jon Eilerman

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