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Dilemma Resolved: Using Evernote to sort out Cluttered Minds

How Evernote help students perform better


Nowadays, students are taking on more than a single role. We are also group leaders, interns, aspiring chefs, songwriters and so on. We can guess how cluttered the minds of a student would be when it comes to processing information.

One minute we might be thinking of the agenda of our next meeting, and another we might be finding inspiration and recipes to cook our next dish. So what has Evernote has anything to do with this dilemma?

Problem solved.

One problem that Evernote solves is the problem of scattered information. Whether you are sitting in a class, in a sermon or brainstorming for project ideas or even writing a song, all the information that we gather are mostly usually scattered.

Our notes and ideas may be stored in photos, handwritten notes or typed notes – practically scattered everywhere on multiple platforms. Scattered information is difficult to work with especially when you have them in both hard and soft copy. So wouldn’t life be easier if everything can be stored and organised in one place? That’s when I came across Evenote.


This user friendly application lets me keep my notes during classes even when they are in various forms. I have pdf files, audio notes and pictures of handwritten notes of a certain subject all compiled in a single notebook in my Evernote. Life is much easier now that all my information can be stored in one place. PLUS, it can sync into multiple devices such as my tablet and laptop. What more could you ask for?

A dilemma of storing scattered information solved in a single app. I’m a happy kid 🙂

– Umairah


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