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Discussing via emails = headache

How many topics of discussions are there in this string of email?

What are the key discussion points and the conclusion?


It’s anyone’s guess. And by the way, the example above has about 41 email exchanges.

It is quite obvious that while email is considerably a good way of disseminating information, it is, undeniably, unable to facilitate efficient and effective discussions.

A recent study done by high-tech market research firm Gartner found that:

By 2014, social-networking services will replace email for a full 20 percent of business users. During the next several years, most companies will build internal social networks or allow personal social networks to be used for business purposes. Eventually, status updates could prove more effective than email as a way to connect with customers.


So yes, it seems that emails are slowly becoming “the thing of the past”. Yet, it is still hard to imagine emails being replaced with the existing communication systems and social-networking services.

We believe there is a need for a new revolutionary means of communication; a means that embodies the strengths of physical discussions as well as that of technology which brings great enhancements to the effectiveness and efficiency of discussions.


This is our aspiration. And it is becoming a reality really soon.


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