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Do Trust and Transparency Make or Break Us?

This excerpt is taken from HR Professional Magazine

The common scenario in today’s workplace

Mary is an up and coming leader in a Fortune 50 company. Over the course of her career, she has managed to zig zag her way into a nice position of great authority and power. However, of late, due to a significant corporate acquisition, she is now maneuvering new executive additions to her organization, and other changing tides within the company.

Recently, in several key planning meetings, Mary has been asked specific questions by her direct-reporting leadership team about her perspective of the future for their organization, the strategic direction they may be pursuing, possible headcount changes, and other pressing concerns from her leadership team. Prior to these meetings, Mary was made aware that there were going to be many new and significant career opportunities for people at her level and within her organization. She learned that her particular organization has been tapped as the high potential division, and that her team had the opportunity to steer this particular segment of the company out of what could be a ‘mature and slowing’ market segment and associated slowing revenue stream to one of great promise and career advancement.

This introduced tremendous opportunity not only for Mary but for many others within the organization. This information, by the way, was not shared under any confidential instruction from the higher-ups; however, it was openly shared, as most information of this sort is, over cocktails at the bar between the leaders of the company.

With this as the backdrop, what do you think Mary did with this information?

  • Do you think she openly shared this intelligence with her leadership team?
  • Did she horde this information, waiting to get her own career plan and strategy in place before sharing this with others who could potentially be ‘competition’ for her in the management hierarchy?
  • Or did she share just bits and pieces of what she knows,  so that she still had the upper hand?

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