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Don’t take your ideas lightly because just because pivoting is trendy.

I was reading this article in Forbes about start up ideas that started of ridiculous and are successful now. I’m sure we’ve heard of such stories but it struck a huge chord in me.

Partly because a while back, we were pivoting like crazy on different ideas. We did 11 different versions of different products and nothing seems to stick. There are many reasons why each failed. But one thing is for sure is that we got so sick of pivoting, we’ve decided to get stuck in one regardless of what anyone else is saying about our product.

So here we are with qiscus – a messaging system to get work done. And we’re not alone.

There’s 20 others out there who’s doing the same thing as we do. To give a good idea, here’s some of our favourite competitors;

1. Hipchat

2. Campfire

3. MIcrosoft Lync

4. Unison

5. Flowdock

6. Hall

This does not even include the project management softwares like Asana or Trello that seems to be able to do the same thing as well.

But here’s where we are different.

qiscus is not just a communication tool. When we use qiscus, we see the whole office buzzing in our 14 inch browser screen.

In this screen, with qiscus is designed to have quiet notifications so that you can keep abreast of all that is happening around you when you feel like keeping in check.

And when there’s something urgent, you’ll get a call just like when some gives a shout out in the office,“Hey could you check this out for a bit?”
So you can keep your focus on doing the things that matter more.

Because we understand that conversations are never linear, there are topics for you in every rooms. These topics help to keep your discussions neat and tidy so that it’s much easier to get stuffs done after the discussion. It’s a much more natural solution than having complicated project management softwares.

There’s so much intricacies of chatting that we delve into, that you could build a whole company culture into qiscus. Granted, it is not just a communication tool but a medium for your company culture to exist beyond borders, space and time.

Perhaps, it is time for you to see if really the way you do things could be just a little bit better. And for all you know, the small decisions you make today to move into a better system, leads you to greater outcomes that you would never have imagined possible.

Afterall, in qiscus, we’re working with Mans’ most fundamental unit of greatness: Discussion.

– Amin


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