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Drag & Drop Away!

Now you can just drag and drop your files into qiscus easily!


*It’s just so awesome when you can drag and drop your files quickly and easily into your rooms!

We created this feature with people who are always rushing in mind. As speed is of the essence, we don’t bother asking you if you need to put a caption or not.

– Try qiscus here for free! –

If you drag the wrong picture, no problem! Just delete the picture and the picture will be deleted from all devices.


*It’s pretty nifty on the chrome app too!

As you might have known, the chrome app is a lightweight version of the web app designed for speed and stability in places where the internet connection is not very stable. But we’ve not forgotten the chrome app so you can drag-and-drop here as well!

– Get your qiscus chrome app here - 

There’s more updates on the cool features that we’ve put in qiscus!
Stay tune!

qiscus – Messaging For Work.


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