Enhancing Online Education Consultation Service by Creating Your Own Payment Gateway

With the evolution of technology, there has been an increased interest in companies providing online consultation services as a new mode of business. This novel service can be used in various fields, including education, health and law advocacy to name a few.

The National English Centre (NEC) has also harnessed this up and coming trend by introducing the NEC Mobile English for users (student) and the NEC Mobile Tutor for the online facilitator (or otherwise known as the teacher). The mobile app brings together the teacher and student who want to learn English with more flexibility. The student can choose his own teacher and learn English wherever, whenever he wants via his mobile phone.

The engagement between teacher and student is thus built through real-time technology via chat, voice and video calls during the online consultation session. The student not only learns English but also can deepen his understanding by clarifying with the teacher during an online consultation session.

Once engagement is built via online consultation, the enterprise (NEC) can monetize its app by applying a consultation fee, which is calculated as the cost incurred per minute without any additional cost. For example, the consultation tariff per minute is IDR 2000.

So, if the user (the NEC’s student) takes five minutes virtual consultations with his teacher via chat, then he will have to pay IDR 10.000 at the end of the session. The consultation fee is paid virtually using the balance in the NEC’s user account.

How to Use NEC

Since the enterprise aims to help users to learn English more flexibly, here we list a  step-by-step guide on how to use the NEC Mobile English app for students.

  • Find Your Teacher

After downloading the app, users can find a suitable teacher by scrolling through the home display. Each profile of English teachers listed in the app is completed with additional notes, including the years of experience, grades achieved and specialisation. Click the profile of the teacher if you are is still unsure about her or his credentials.  

  • Attend A Consultation Session

When the student need consultation, he should contact the teacher and make an appointment, to ensure which time they can go online and conduct a consultation. After both of the parties agree with the schedule, they can manage the consultation via chat, voice and video calls. The fees of the consultation is calculated per minute, without any additional fee.

How Qiscus Online Consultation Works

Here at Qiscus, we are currently assisting NEC to create its very own online consultation app (NEC Mobile Tutor) using the Qiscus Online Consultation (QOC). It is our specialized product which helps enterprises create applications that bridge the online consultation process. What makes the product special through the use of QOC is that it provides payment facilities which ease the payment process,  which works two ways: one for the user and the other for the online facilitator.

For the user,  before he pays the consultation fees, he will need to top up his balance. Collaborating with DOKU, the Indonesian enterprise that specializes in payment gateways, Qiscus allows top-ups to be done on the NEC Mobile English app via various methods.

DOKU has provided more than 20 alternatives payment, including via credit card, e-wallet (through DOKU Wallet), mini market, internet banking and bank transfer to name a few. This would provide significant ease for customers.

On the other hand, Qiscus has created a payment method for facilitators through the token system. This system is on the NEC Mobile Tutor app that is used only by teachers.

Similar with how the user account works, when a teacher has served a consultation, NEC will award each minutes of the consultation fee with IDR 2,000. In total (for example: 5 minutes), the teacher would receive IDR 10.000 which is equivalent with 100 tokens.

Subsequently, the teacher can exchange the virtual money by doing a cash withdrawal. However, from the enterprise’s perspective, the value of the nominal is free for companies to decide on. This allows companies to gain profits from the tokens.

Why QOC is A Profitable Product for The Online Consulting Enterprise

Through QOC, Qiscus does not only help the enterprise to create an app that bridges users with facilitators on the online consulting process. More than that, Qiscus also embeds QOC with an ability to support virtual payment methods that are profitable for enterprises through the converted currency earned during each consultation.

Once the application is created, the enterprise can utilize it to gain profits by engaging the user through various ways. One thing we have discussed in the NEC’s case above is increasing the network of users by leveraging on the number of online consultation with the teacher and by interacting with the user, or the NEC’s student, through online consultations via chat, voice and video calls.


This leaves enterprise with an opportunity to monetize the apps, inter alia from membership applications, making official accounts or implementing a subscription fee. Clients are free to choose the best methods that you think is most suitable with the essence of your service. n the case of NEC, monetization is done by applying fees during each online consultation.

Lastly, QOC allows automation of the application’s system. When the app is ready to be launched, the engagement built and the monetization process settled, the enterprise can run the business with ease since the routine services have been completed via automatization. Your product or service can then be established faster and accessed easily. If you are interested in such a business model, contact us via [email protected].


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