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Ever wished you could do your sales pitch without your pants on?

qiscus low bandwidth video call is the closest thing you can get to teleportation

* At 11.21pm, I’m discussing with Evan (CTO) about qiscus technologies. I’m in Singapore & Evan is in Jogjakarta.

It’s really quite easy to access the video call function. 

1. You would need a premium or enterprise account.
You can contact me at [email protected] for more information.

2. Simply click on the user on the right side panel and the video call will pop up!

* Just click on the users at the user list.

3. If you need to do a conference with more than one person, just click on another person’s profile picture once the first person has been connected. You can have up to 10 people connecting at any one time.

Try qiscus – Messaging for Work today!

Why is qiscus video call much better than what’s readily available out there?

1. It’s built for places with unstable internet connection. 
We realised how useless most video call facilities are when they can’t work in a lot of places where there are talented people.

2. It’s super convenient.
As qiscus is a room-based messaging system; all you need to do is to go the room with the team that you’re working with and click on their avatar.
There’s no need to remember emails (whether I’ve a plus account or they’re in my circles) or usernames like @handsome_123798.

3. It’s within my messaging system.
Since all your files, links, persistent messages, bookmarks & reminders are all in qiscus, to have quick discussion on qiscus low bandwidth video call feels so natural!

We’ve really put in a lot of effort to designed a messaging system purely for work.

So go on, give it a test drive and you’ll find yourself having a team meeting in Singapore in the morning, a quick catch-up in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon, an intense discussion during tea-time in India & a 1-1 mentor session in San Francisco before calling it a day.

Try qiscus – Messaging for Work today!


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