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Fire & Forget

qiscus #reminder bot helps you keep track of important matters together as a team

It’s a Sunday evening and you’re making mental notes of all the things that your team will have to rush through to make sure that the week kicks off on a high note.

Unfortunately what this does to your brain is it adds unnecessary baggages that will eventually hinders you & your team from achieving optimal productivity & efficiency.

Introducing qiscus bot #reminders!
The vision of implementing qiscus bot is to create an artificial intelligence who will always be available every second of the day to attend to your work needs.

qiscus bot will eventually help to remind your of your tasks, meetings and any other admin matters that is important but not critical to delivering your work output.

How to trigger the qiscus bot?
Similar to typing a new message, begin the messages with #reminder and the date & time that you need to be reminded of something. Then press shift + enter to begin on a new line to type your reminder.

It could be used to remind yourself or your team in the next 20 minutes as well.

Noticed that there’s an @call function? As the @call functions triggers a secondary notification as well as sends an email to the recipient, coupling it with the reminder function makes for a very effective action item to be focused upon.

Alternatively, you can toggle the calendar & time function that helps you see plan ahead the days of your week better. Simply select the day & time and type out your message as per normal.

To know that the reminder has been successfully received, qiscus bot will acknowledge the reminder almost immediately. 

The reminder function works perfectly in the qiscus mobile apps as well!

Do note that the reminder function will be triggered in the timezone that the sender sends out.

Log on to and let us know how this works for you! 
*#reminder bots are a premium function. As of 22 march 2015, we’re offering it free for users to use until further notice.


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