#TechTalk: Growing Together to Fulfill Shortage of Talents in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with a demographic bonus, where those who are of a productive age outnumber children and the elderly. However, the reality is that high-talented human resource is still difficult to find. This is due to a gap in the education curriculum in Indonesia’s schools and the lack of opportunities in skills improvement.

On the other hand, the digital industry requires very highly talented individuals who are ready to be competitive at the global level. Skills shortage is one of the challenges for  Indonesia’s digital industry. Indonesia ranks 109 out of 189 countries in terms of ease of doing business, according to a World Bank Study, below neighbors such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. But for startups and their investors, the talent shortage is the biggest headache.

Indonesia’s poor education system, ranked last among 40 countries in a global Pearson index last year, has done little to improve a low-skilled workforce that lags behind its neighbors in terms of competitiveness.

The large and persistent skills gap in key growth sectors will undermine the country’s ambitions of graduating into a middle-income country in the short term. Currently, only 16 percent of graduates are studying in fields related to engineering, construction, and manufacturing, which are the core skills needed as the economy industrializes. This challenge is a frightening one. It is because fewer than ten percent of Indonesia’s 250 million people have university-level education. Most Indonesians who do have university degrees work as teachers, according to data from the Asian Development Bank, while just eight percent are engineers.

Fearing for the future of the digital industry, Qiscus sparked the idea of building a  community of technology enthusiasts for knowledge sharing, for businesses and key players to be updated with the needs of the latest digital industry and the opportunity to network with experts in their fields. It has ignited a spirit of creating not only community engagement but also nurturing quality talent with long-term impact in the industry.

Qiscus held its 100th Tech Talk on 21 October. For us, Tech Talk 100 is the beginning of furthering the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience in the field. An enthusiastic response from the audience is in line with our beliefs. For us, community engagement is not just about the theories but also about what we can practically do.

Here are the testimonies from the attendees:

1.      What are they looking for?

In the fast world of the digital industry, updated information is a must. Direct discussion with experts through sharing and discussion is valuable. This is because through the sharing and discussion, all participants who have similar problems can together find  a solution. Through Tech Talk, it is also possible to get feedback directly from the experts.

“The needs of the IT industry are extensive, such as infrastructure, databases, and programming with different levels of competencies. When I follow Qiscus’ Tech Talk, it’s most memorable when there is someone else in the audience who has the same problem as I do and the issue is solved together during the talk.”


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2.     What do they expect?

 Sharing of knowledge and experience through this event inspires them to want to expand and  know more than before. These digital enthusiasts  are  inspired to become experts in their field. Tech Talk in the future should continue to bring great speakers to  consistently share and develop together. Every single part of Tech Talk is aligned to their need. They want conformity.

“For us, our key  considerations in attending this event is  in the adoption of technology that is already built by others. For example: Is it better to use a third-party  service or build our own chat platform?”

“I want to get more knowledge when attending the event. I particularly recall  the subject matter of data flow optimization. Where it begins when the data is collected from the server and then stored in the local storage. The data then must take on the server directly. The speakers also touched on  when to use data in local storage for bandwidth efficiency.”

3.     How does Tech Talk fare in terms of  community engagement?

Tech Talk has become a medium that can unite people who have the same interests. It brings together technological enthusiasts, developers, CEOs and other stakeholders of the industry and this brings opportunities for mutual growth for the individual or business figure. Community engagement is important because with the community we meet based on the same interest.

I feel good and I find the Qiscus team extremely helpful when tackling both technical and non-technical questions. Although I am not a Qiscus SDK user, I believe Qiscus provides the best reference point for chat features. We know more through this event about chat platforms than before. It’s very important because the start up that we are building is  focused on social and community engagement.’

Based on interview with: Arief Turbagus, Rio Swarawan, M. Sasmito Adi W., Akhid Bunayari, Dimas Prasetyo T.A (Developer and Startup Founder)
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