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How Qiscus has helped me in conducting training

I worked as a consultant in a German based company. One of my responsibility is to give training both for clients (typically post implementation of a system) and also for Junior Consultants in the company to groom a new great consultants.

Two weeks ago I tried to use qiscus as suggested by my friend. An app specifically design for a discussion.

I started the training by asking participants to open the qiscus beta site where Inside I’ve created a room for that training session. The very first thing that We all like is that there’s no need to register on anything. The participants just need to key in the room code and voila! everyone is inside and ready to participate in the discussion. Super easy! yet secure enough for my purpose.

The downside is I think for some other purpose this level of security might not be enough. It would be great if qiscus can have a more secured room in the future.

The next thing that I like so much is the tabbed discussion. Unlike other apps that I know of, it’s very convenient to structure the discussion based on topics and anyone can just move any discussion points to any topics.

What I think is lacking for this function is the ability to drag multiple points at one time. I think that would be an awesome feature to have.

Lastly of course We shouldn’t forget to mention the awesome red button that can compile the important points through out the discussion

Very useful and easy to use. After the discussion I can just click the button and share the compiled discussion points to all the participants.

Yeap, everyone conducting training or workshop should try this app! Of course there are a lot of feedback need to be given for the apps. But the vision is clear and the design is neat and more importantly it’s useful!

Stay Awesome everyone!



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