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How to Choose Qiscus VS Firebase?

When it comes to enhancing business performance, making a messaging system is crucial and therefore, can be a very important task. When it comes to embedding messaging platform into a business, companies might need help from the third-party company, which makes a lot of businesses go to companies such as Firebase, Qiscus, and else.

Firebase vs Qiscus, which one is More Suitable for You?

For developers, Firebase may be a common name and a solution in developing  chat mobile and web application platform. However, Firebase only does simple messaging and real-time synchronization. It is not suitable for some people, since we have to build many custom features to finally make it fully-functional, that is why Firebase does not easily fit to what we want.

Therefore Qiscus as chat messaging solution is giving you more than what Firebase does not have directly in their messaging features, such as typing indicator, read receipt, message unread count and message delete/edit (in which for this last feature, Firebase has it but only partial). However, unlike Qiscus, Firebase provides more flexibility along with the chance to build basic messaging service. It is implied that if you want, you can build many other features like unread count and automatic translation. It is pretty much offering you freedom, nonetheless, this may not what everyone wants: to custom everything from the beginning.

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In addition, Qiscus provides the customer a more flexible choice regarding the administrator control. Features like message search, data export and support multiple push certificates are possible to be made. Messaging tools like bot interface and auto-thumbnail generation are available for customers to use.

If you are a more practical person, you might want something that is easier. In order to pick the best vendor based on your preference, you have to dig some research regarding the application companies which may help you build messaging chat.

In Qiscus, besides providing basic messaging services such as text, attach file and picture, and typing indicator; it also offers a lot of exploration within your app. Just in case, you can always get feedback from us. You can try to integrate messaging system with your app, try the sample app and customize the sample UI, and of course, inspect whether the chat feature we provide is fast and reliable enough. Features which most of other companies do not offer to their consumers.

Qiscus Feature and Pricing

Before picking what feature you will get, you have to consider which service fits for you. Getting the right feature can be an ultimate solution to fulfilling customer’s expectation. In Qiscus, we have Chat SDK and End-to-End solution. Chat SDK is customizable, extendable, fast, easy and you will always get hands-on support from us. We totally understand that you might need a highly reliable in-app chat, and thus we pack a lot of features in our chat SDK such as: private and group chats, reply and pending messages, emoji support, carousel support and many more.

On the other hand, End-to-End solution package from us is another solution for companies who do not have any technical resources. It is much more practical; an easy-peasy way since we will get those complete package for you directly. End-to-End Solution is an accelerator package for you if you do not want to build from scratch. We have Qiscus Member Engagement Package, Omnichannel Solution, and Online Consultation Package; all of those are ready for you to adapt based on your preference. Learn more about our features and pricing here!

Which One is Right for You?

If you are looking for a more basic messaging platform or want to challenge yourself to build your chat from basic, Firebase could be the solution for you. However, if you want to get features that consumers expect, Qiscus may be the one for you.


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