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How to design killer emails yourself and leave your designer alone to work on more important things.

Tons of businesses use Mailchimp when it comes to email marketing and sales campaign to your subscribers, but when it comes to sending well designed and stylish emails to individuals, it is usually just text. I think we can step it up a notch by leveraging on Mailchimp’s awesome design tools even more!  

I send a lot of adhoc emails to business contacts and I always would like to give my emails that extra punch on a more regular basis.  We all don’t have designers in our companies to build a killer custom email template and even if you did they are needed for much more important projects and initiatives.  This is a qiscus hack tip that can helps you create and design sleek and engaging emails to grab your audience’s, customer’s and client’s attention.

Whether its for prospecting or following up post meeting, I think making our digital connections as meaningful as possible is critical if you want to grab their attention.  I put this quick email design tutorial together to help you design stylish emails that grab your prospect’s attention quickly.

Lets get started.

Step 1.  Sign up or login to Mailchimp
Step 2. On the left hand side of the dashboard click “list” and create a list.  For this part you can name it anything as we won’t be running a campaign.

You will need to create a list in order to create or use a template in Mailchimp.


Step 3. Once you have a list created. Go back to the dashboard select the campaign option on the right.  Once inside the campaign page, navigate to the top right of the page click “Create Campaign” to setup your email. Since we are building this email for template purposes  Once you select your the “list” you just created.  Enter in general details on the “Setup” page and move on to the template and design segment.


You will be given three different options to create your email.  Saved Templates, Basic and Themes.  For this example I chose a basic template to speed things up.  (Reducing time and increasing quality of work quickly is the goal.)  My layout is pretty simple with a main image and headline, greeting to Chuck Norris and some formatted copy at the bottom.


Step 4. Once you have completed designing your email in mailchimp easy to use email builder.  Send yourself a test email.  Go the top right drop down “Preview and test”, select the “Send a Test Email”.


Step 5. Highlight and copy the entire test email.  

Except the footer.  Leave that part out as you are mailing this to individuals (manually) and paste it to a new draft. Now you can tweak and edit your new template and copy accordingly to whomever you are sending it to.


Now that you know how to quickly build a email on mailchimp’s email builder use it to design engaging introductions, guides, follow up emails etc.  Get a head start on the competition and keep your customers and prospect focused on your emails and communications.

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