How to Market Your Brand: Incorporating Brand Ambassador to Captivate Customers

Digitization has made a huge impact on business sectors, not only to services we provide but also to the brand marketing. Therefore, when it comes to brand marketing of products or services, the marketing team is expected to create a strategic move in a way that can make their brand stand out in the crowd. Chat SDK

Product knowledge to public customers is necessary; it is both giving understanding to customers about what your brand is offering and arising the possibility to increase sales. To accomplish this goal, the brand ambassador can be one of the solutions. Chat SDK

Cultivating Brand Awareness with Brand Ambassador Presence

There are three reasons why a company chooses to use a brand ambassador. First of all, the presence of a brand ambassador could attract customers to a particular brand. A brand ambassador is also considered to raise brand awareness and therefore, they influence someone to pick this certain brand. Chat SDK

What does a brand ambassador do so that it can help accomplish your brand goals?

Generally speaking, it is the consumers themselves who decide whether they want to use your brand from the information they have obtained from their surroundings—which makes it crucial for the interaction between the business and consumers to be more horizontal.

Having known that every brand is unique and has its own messages; It is an opportunity that not only big company could grab, but it could also work for start-up companies. Therefore, the brand ambassador programme is created and hence, the message is delivered by the selected brand ambassador.

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A brand ambassador is emotionally attached to the products or services’ brand. Through the training they get, they are capable of informing what they have experienced with the brand and thus, how it can help others.

However, in this era, millennials are predominantly the customers. That becomes another point that we would like to add; a brand ambassador can help the millennials to have better customer experience as they build their trust through the icon of the brand they’ve seen. For instance, by looking at the brand ambassador shares the products or services in their personal social media accounts.

Furthermore, when the brand ambassador shares their comments about the things they use or tell their followers about the most-sophisticated thing about the brand, this makes a huge impact on the customer engagement.

Old-customers will become more attracted and fully aware of the brand, while a potential new customer might appear. This is an approach that a company website cannot do but can be easily approached through the role of a brand ambassador.

All in all, by creating a brand ambassador program, we would like to have a working relationship with special customers, specifically those who would like to be brand ambassadors and concerned about the ambassador.

Not only promoting your products, it may give the company valuable insights about their products, since millennials are popular with their critical side—always sharing both the positive and negative comments.

Qiscus Student Ambassador chat sdk

As a Singapore-based start-up company which has our expertise at Real-Time Communication (RTC) Technology in providing Chat SDK(Software Development Kit) for business sector, we feel the urgency to cultivate the positivity to the community, so that it may be a way to share knowledge and give a chance to share the outsiders, which include the millennial generation.

Looking at how they grow up, computers and devices have been part of their lives. Millennials are pretty much the representatives of the brand ambassador programme, since they are more high-maintenance (regarding their knowledge of technology) and aware of advertising.

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Concerning this issue, we would like to contribute in a positive way. Therefore, we have Qiscus Student Ambassador, a 3-months programme made only for students, to develop students’ professional capabilities.

This programme empowers students to become Qiscus Ambassadors who will represent Qiscus in the communities around them. In this programme, we are looking for university graduates with passion in tech startups and are skilled in leadership and teamwork.

What do students get for joining this programme?

Throughout the programme, students will gain numerous benefits such as hands-on experience in strategic projects, a mentoring program with Qiscus’ management and many others. Students also stand a chance to get a ‘golden ticket’ to join the Qiscus team in Jakarta and/or Jakarta upon graduation.

The Selected Ones chat sdk

Once we establish this brand ambassador programme, we are going to maintain its continuity to keep spreading the positivity. For this year, after the recruitment process which started on 22 January 2018; now, we are going to introduce our latest student ambassador team who come from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Along with this program, Qiscus is proud and would like to give a warm welcome to those who are going to contribute with us. We will keep throwing ideas to them so we can see new insights. Chat SDK

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