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How to network better starts with a thousand words.

Yesterday at my weekly BNI meeting, bright and early at 7:30am.  One of our members, “Andrew Jones”, did his stellar education minutes where he provides tips and insight on how to network better.

This particular tip really resonated with me.  It’s a simple yet, powerful strategy that will add a memorable and emotional touch to your future meetings and follow up emails.

Everyone has had a meeting where both parties meet, chat, grab a pint or coffee. Depending on how the meeting goes, there will be a follow up email saying thanks.  Emails themselves are just strings of text that don’t always do a very good job of expressing thanks or how much we have enjoyed connecting with someone.

How about adding a picture or video?

During one of Andrew’s recent meeting with a friend from Silicon Valley did just that.  While Andrew and his associate were conversing, the former asked the server to take a picture of them together.  Quite unusual for a first meeting, you would think so right?  

After that meeting the associate then wrote a follow up email with that image attached at the bottom of the email saying thanks. 


What this did was two things.  

1.  It made the meeting memorable because there’s face and a place for your brain to associate with.
It made the meeting very personal; I’ve not met anyone else who’ve done this before.

2.  So next time you are in a meeting or following up with a client, friend, or prospect add a personal touch by adding that photo together or even try communicating with a short video clip saying thanks and how much you enjoyed connecting.

For more tips and insight from Andrew Jones a.k.a “Andrew the Executive Coach”.  Connect with him at


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