Improving Child Care Centre’s Quality with Real-Time Video Calls

In these modern days, many households had both of the parents working. Either forced to or not, even in developing countries. Back in 2011, among children ages birth to four whose both of their parents were employed. 24 percent were primarily cared in child care centres or home-based child care. Not only because of both the parents were employed. But also because of decline in the percentage of children who cared by a relative at home, (between 22-27%, down from 25-29%)

There was a study saying that, In Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, due to mass migration to urban centres, forced families to find a stable living, resulting in both of the parents employed or relocating only one of the parents. Thus, very often they leave their children with relatives in rural villages. Another thing is, with the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS has left many children with only one parent or none at all. So, because of that, Thailand has been providing co-ordinated and regulated early childcare, both home-based or centre-based. video calls

High-quality child care is important and more beneficial for children development due to positive effects of consistent, developmentally sound, and emotionally supportive care. The facilities that the child care provided can greatly affect the quality of its service. Some of them even using Video Monitoring System, to ensure the parents about the safety and quality of the child care.

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But, did we ever think about improving child care’s quality by giving what the children need? One of the factor children are failing to flourish is due to parents are forced to spend more time earning a living. Thus, having less time to spend with their children. Therefore, because of some issues (ex: a large amount of workload or being a single parent). These parents need the support of others, such as high-quality child care. Specifically, how we do that?

We need to implement more effective and efficient strategies to fulfill the primary needs of children. They want to be keep-in-touch and communicate more with their parents. So the child care should provide a way to make the children could see and talk with their parents even in the office hours. This is where real-time chat and video calls benefits greatly. With both of them, the child care services can function effectively in an integrated manner, fulfilling both the needs of children and the families.

Video Calls Real-Time Communication

On the other hand, children were found to have little quantitative involvement in their own consultations. So with real-time communication, video call specifically (children tend to like verbal face-to-face communication). Their parent can ask the children directly or consulting with the caregivers while being at work. Therefore, it can save a little only spare time the parents have.

Not only that, when there is an incident occurs, the parents can give an immediate emotional support using video calls. For those who can’t spend the time to travel from their workplace to the child care centre. Furthermore, with real-time communication, caregivers can inform the parents about some important stuff to bring and special events, at any minutes.

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Also, with video calls feature, the child care centre can provide telemedicine (remote diagnosis and treatment by means of telecommunications technology, nowadays usually using video calls) service, because a common acute illness is not rare in children. A certain research indicates, that 91.2% (from the total 229 respondents who participate) parents said that using telemedicine allowed them to stay at work and saved time for about 4.5 hours per telemedicine visit.

So it is safe to say that using real-time communication via video calls. It’s can help child care centres to build a great foundation between parents, children, and caregivers. With real-time video calls facilities, a child care centre could provide the best environment. To help the development of the children. Thus, will make the parents more satisfied and significantly raised the quality of the child care centre itself.

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