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Instagram Direct: No more need for a thousand words to chat. Pictures can do the job faster.



Instagram is getting personal. Presenting to you the newly released Instagram Direct which was just launched in New York last Thursday! Well one of the perks of this added function is:

You can share private photos and videos to selected group of people or that special someone 😉

I meddled with it for a couple of hours, and personally, I felt that it was rather useful. The interface and function are user-friendly and it works the same way as the normal Instagram; just that you get to select who can see what. Users can send copies of a picture or video to up to 15 other users directly without making the picture public or sharing with their other followers. We all have some photos we want to share but not to the whole world of course, and this seems nice. It’s neater and more personal. Kind of like Snapchat.

Well you might say that “oh yeah great. I can do it on Whatsapp too. No biggie.” But you got to agree with me that sometimes it gets really messy on Whatsapp when it comes to photo and video sharings. So here’s something that gets your shared photos and videos organised in one place. 

It’s just out, hot from the oven, so try it and let us know what you think!


– Umairah


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