Introducing Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat Solution

Communicating with customers is at the top of many businesses’ lists of things to do right. The point of contact between a business and a customer can make or break a company. So setting up easy and quick engagement strategies is a key principle. On the other hand, social media platforms such as Facebook, LINE, Twitter, and others have a big role to play in the engagement strategy process between the merchant and the customer.

Based on a survey, people spend almost 3 hours every day to explore their social media accounts. They do liking photos, updating statuses, or just chatting using a messaging application. It makes the competition to attract customers much higher than before. 

With this significant change in customer habits and needs, businesses should be aware and prepare to be resistant. In the past, the customer just waiting for an agent to respond to their chat from the chat window after login or via email. Nowadays, we help them to simplify the process through Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat Solution.

Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat Solution is a SAAS provider that can answer all merchants needs. As an accelerator package, it will be integration way to connect a customer to a merchant via FB, LINE, and Qiscus chat widget directly. So that, their communication needs become easier than before.

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Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat Solution does not only provide about the connectivity of social media but also to add new value from a prior system such as customer service performance and chat system. This service can provide fully customized and white-labeled. Further, you can see the flow and functions below.

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First, just by connecting their social media accounts to Qiscus Multichannel Customer Service Chat, merchants can receive chats directly from the customer and reply it directly.

Second, merchants can filter the chat by platform type or chat status itself.  Moreover, merchants can mark their chat list as solved or pending resolution. It will help to follow up chat list from customers.

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Third is about bot Integration. It is chatting process managed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) directly. Bots help merchants to reply all chats and operate for 24 hours at a low price. We coordinate with a leading bot provider to train the bot based on the merchant’s business style or the type of users want.

Using the method of multichannel, one is able to cross multiple channels to gain more experiences. In many industries, a company can engage its customers in their preferred communication channels. Like Facebook Messenger, LINE, or through the company’s website (via a chat widget, for example). Then you can ease the processes of responding to customers by centralizing inbound chats onto a single platform. After that, you can also implement automated response bots to answer simple inquiries across different engagements channels. All is done in real-time, saving both customers and Insurance companies time and money.

Interested in the many benefits of in-app chat? Don’t hesitate to think about how in-app chat capabilities can improve the customer experience in many industries. Drop us a note at or you can read our white paper and see what we can offer for you.


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